Do High Reps Burn More Fat?

I’ve always trained heavy with reps ranging from 1 to 6. I’ve never in my life tried high reps except now.

I’d like to know everybody’s thoughts about high rep training. I’m doing 10 sets of 12 reps for squats in order to burn more fat. It’s ridiculously tough!

Thanks in advance.

More reps in a workout will use more energy.

But this is not necessarily an efficient way of going about fat loss for a bodybuilder or wannabe bodybuilder.

If you want even tougher, go even higher in reps on the squat, say 15 to 20.

Weight lifting should be used to build muscle or get stronger. Use cardio and calorie reduction to burn fat.

Going higher on reps will not burn more fat…and doing tons of cardio will make you good at doing tons of cardio. Lifting in the 80-85% of your 1RM is the best for strength and muscle retention when losing fat. If your lifting for 15 to 20 Reps your most likely using a weight that is 60-65% of you 1RM. Too light for muscle sparing during a calorie deficit. Lift heavy (80-85% IRM) and do a decent amount of explosive movements (jumps, throws, sprints, weighted carries) and you will get results. Do CT’s Athlete Lean Athlete Strong program for a month, you will be happy with the results.

Especially during my contest prep, I’ve learned that if you want to burn more fat, that will come mostly from nutrition and cardio. Adding some finishers like with a prowler, or farmers walks, or drop sets every now and then would be helpful too, but nutrition and cardio should be the focus for fat burning. The common thought that higher reps burn more fat or make more definition isn’t too accurate.

Dude, you’re 5’6" and 230 pounds. Squatting 10x12 isn’t what you need to burn fat. Watching your calories, properly timing your carbs, lifting a few days a week, a few weekly cardio sessions is what you need to burn fat.

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IMO the best way to “burn fat”, is to not lose any muscle mass while dieting. That means:

1- ALWAYS train to gain
2- EAT smart (you can get fat eating only “clean foods” if you’re eating too many of 'em!)