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Do High Reps Build Size?

I know high reps do little for strength and are more for endurance...but will doing high reps etc more then 60 squats/pushups increase the size of the muscle worked?


It may have a slight effect if you've never trained, but otherwise this type of training would be counter-productive to building muscle (size).


Obviously it won't significantly increase muscle mass. However, high rep stuff induces sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and improve recovery from main workouts.

The westsiders often perform 100 rep triceps pushdowns everyday. CW also outlined 100 reps to bigger muscle plan.


Just avoid failure when doing these.


Sure, squat 400x20, eat good, and you'll have pretty good size.


High rep lifting is counter-productive to size gains?

This is wrong as it induces hypotrophy even though its is not optimal for mass gain.


You could consider it counter-productive if it consumes a significant amount of the limited time you can spend training without overtaxing your recovery capabilities. Time you could spend using superior training parameters. I guess it's a question of definition.


It depends...it depends on so many things that it makes it an overly simplified question.

If you are not eating and sleeping enough, you will not grow no matter what you do. But it also depends on the individulal's body. Different people will react to different stimulus in different ways.

And yes, I've gotten good gains in muscle size for program like German Volume Training which advocated relatively lower loads and 10x10 paramaters.


I'd like to edit my previous post as I am still hungover from New Years Eve when I just resonded. I see that you clarified the rep range.

Eventually, you will become strong enough that simply using the same weight over and over again or bodyweight will have only a only a slight impact on your physique. But, the amount of training up until the progress halt will be different among people. I have some friends who have made very good physique progress using only bw exercises, simply because they are so determined.


Take a look at chads Diversity for hypertrophy workout;)


Everything works for a while, and nothing works forever. To train exclusivley with high reps and low weights will work for a while, but will peter out after your muscles adapt.

The same thing can be said about doing exclusively 5X5's or similar protocols.


Well said.