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Do Hard Nipples Have Anything to Do with E2?

I’m a few weeks into TRT, and have dropped HCG and the AI. Just 150mg/week of T cyp, injected daily.

For a while while on aromasin, I thought I had crashed my E2. We’ll never know.

I was on the train this morning, saw an ad for a real estate website, and just about started crying at it. Then realized for the last week or two, my nipples have been pretty hard most of the time. Been dealing with night sweats for a while as well, and I’m either gaining weight fast or bloating. No itchy nipples or anything - I’m yet to know what that feels like. I do feel like a pufferfish a lot lately though.

I don’t want to go back to an AI and the E2 rollercoaster. Should I just ride it out until my next bloodwork (2 months ugh), or back off the T dose a little?

Finding it hard to believe with an SHBG of 40-50, bodyfat of 11%, and just T cyp that I’m making that much E2.

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Some people just make more e2. It happens. I have similar SHBG, but get some slight issues when I get up into that range… Im at about 120 a week right now and feel pretty fucking great, no issues with E2.

But yea dude just back off your dose a little bit. OR. you could try some natural stuff like zinc, vitamin D, cruciferous veggies, warm lemon water.

But you definitely have some higher E2 symptoms.

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Why don’t you go get a mini blood test of just TT and E2? It is not expensive and you buy a labcorp test from the internet.
150 mg/wk is a lot and I could not take that much without an AI. You are talking about all the signs of high E2. If you don’t want to take anastrozole you need to drop your dose to 100mg/wk and get yet another mini blood test to see where you are in 5-6 weeks at that lvl.

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That’s high estrogen, I was going to state your dosage is excessive! You need to bring it down to about 12mg daily, 20mg daily produces supraphysiological levels in a lot of men.


Hey system , I was out of the loop for a little while.

What is the new consensus about injecting everyday? Even with high SHBG this is something people are switching to? I saw some posts regarding this but couldn’t find the original reason why. E2 control?

Daily injections can work for high SHBG men, recently a high SHBG man found EOD to work quite well where daily didn’t produce as good results. It really depends on the individual. Less T used to achieve desired levels equals lower estrogen.

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Crazy because I’ve always had lower E2. But then again, my T wasn’t great back then either.

I was just thinking of dialing it back to about 120/week too and see if I feel better. Right now isn’t terrible like low E2, just uncomfortable. Getting a little sick of feeling like the Michelin man walking around though lol

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I don’t think I can in NY :confused:

Was thinking of calling my nurse at Defy and asking them to order one.

Man, imagine the 150/week PLUS HCG!

You can buy a mini blood from Defy at any time. I do all the time.

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How long does it normally take to clear estrogen and begin to notice a difference?

I was thinking of adding calcium d-glucarate but I’ve always had a negative reaction to it. Unsure if it was from low E2 or something else, but it kills my libido and makes me moody as shit.

Then again, never tried taking it when I actually had high E2.

Yea, seems to help a lot of guys. I asked Defy and they were all for me doing it as long as I’m cool sticking myself daily.

That’s even worse, this protocol is looking worse and worse for estrogen management.

Dosing is still too high (120mg weekly/17mg D), looks like this is going to go on and on with estrogen sides for the entire summer.

Can you buy it on their site?

Oh yea, no doubt. Just debating how low to drop it.

I see three options as I stand (excluding AI etc):

  1. Lower dose to 100mg/week and then go back up after bloodwork, if there’s room
  2. Lower dose to 125mg/week and see if that brings E2 down enough
  3. Try adding calcium d-glucarate 500mg/day first and see how I feel
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Lower dose is always preferable, because then you aren’t juggling other meds to counter the high e2.

I say priority is finding your sweet spot. Which would be the highest Free and Total Test you can get without using an AI. Find that, then worry about going a little higher and that other fun stuff.

Once you find your sweet spot, you know you can always go back to that safe dose. Obviously you still do labs every now and then to check.

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This one, option 2 I believe will not drop estrogen enough.

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How long would it take for most guys to notice a difference (i.e. for E2 to drop)?

Sounds good.

Damn I was hoping between my low bodyfat, good SHBG, and daily dosing I’d be able to hit TT over 1000 without an AI lol

It’s always better to start lower and work your way up, IMO. Less negative sides to deal with while your body adjusts. Then you can handle the higher dose later when you’re physically better and your body can deal with it.


You could just skip a dose and it would happen a lot faster. I kinda agree with system though, if you go to 120, you MIGHT level out, but it will take longer. Always better to slowly increase to see what you tolerate.

Edit: Takes about 3-4 days before anything noticeable.

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