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Do gym mirrors magnify?

Does anybody know if they install mirrors with a slight magnification in commercial gyms like 24 Hour? Or does it just seem that way?

Don’t you ever see that little disclaimer waaay down in the lower corner of the mirrors?

The one that says, “Images in mirror may appear larger than they are”.


I dont know, because take a look at the most common client of the fitness center type of place…

My guess would be making people look smaller would be more fitting to their concept, since if you are already in the gym you already spent your money, so why not send you home happy?

Could be reverse though, making you look bigger so you come more often and sign up for PT’s…

I think they should install fun house mirrors. No better way to get big or cut so quickly.

I don’t think gyms do anything on purpose with their mirrors, but I could be wrong. I’ve been in ones with “good” and “bad” mirrors.

I’ll tell you what gets me, it’s those mirrors in clothing stores that make you look skinny. Some places are worse than others, but I can always tell because I get that narrow, thin face. Anyone else notice this?

Mirrors are not a good ay to judge progress in gyms. When looking in a mirror in my gym it differs from mirror to mirror. The best way to judge is a camera. Glass is really a slow flowing liquid and each piece has a differnt reflectiveness to it. Hope this helps

I was kind of being facetious, but I’m certain I don’t look the same to myself in the mirrors at the gym as I do in the ones at home.

I pulled out my wenus and took a look at it in the gym mirror. I was 12 inches! I knew that was wrong! Damn mirrors!

TheCuda: That’s a myth, because laypeople noticed that windows tend to have thicker bottoms than tops. So they ‘theorized’ that glass was actually a slow moving liquid, blah blah blah. Nope. Glass manufacturers simply fabricated windows that way.

Nate: Yeah, but how big was your wenus?

My gym’s mirrors make you look skinny.

thats why I wear my glasses to the gym, they make everything look smaller.

Nephorm I know your just messing with me. If not watch Bill Nye the science guy he’ll tell you glass is a slow moving liquid, any way they are manufaterd diff. Oh yeah my uncles a glazer so I know a little about glass. Anywho next tipic.
By the way nephorm thanks for setting me straight on my thread it was a stupid question to ask. Next time I will think them out more carefully. And I know you weren’t tring to be a prik so sorry for the back lash.