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Do Goblet Squats Increase Back Squat?

Do Goblet Squats Increase Your Back Squat?

Maybe if you just started squatting, but once you get stronger the problem is that you just can’t load goblet squats heavy enough. If you are pushing them to failure or close then it can add some muscle mass, but in my case I’m close to a 600lb squat so what am I going to do, hold a 300lb kettlebell?

If you are looking for other exercises to increase your squat then other squat variations like SSB squats, pause squat, front squats (although if you can’t do these properly they are pretty much worthless), 1 1/4 squats, and stuff to build up your quads like leg press, hack squats, Bulgarian split squats, etc. are likely going to be much more useful.

I do goblet squats on off days (with a 25lb plate at home) for some mobility work, I do a few sets sitting in a full squat as a stretch and then a few reps of regular goblet squats, mostly to keep my hips from getting too tight. Other than that, I don’t see any use for them for myself.

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Never got the big deal over them.

If you don’t have any option, why not give it a try? Grab a dumbbell or KB and do mad high reps

Possibly (as a beginner in particular) in the sense that goblet squats can help develop good squatting form which in turn can lead to greater back squatting potential…I wouldn’t expect big gains from it though.

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