Do Glutamine Supplements Help Libido and ED?

I read an article on glutamine and how it helps increase dopamine. And libido and erections seemed to improve. Does anyone have any experience taking it and what did you notice?

No, natural supplements mostly work under laboratory conditions for a percentage that in most cases is not noticable in real world.
Just like all the test and gh or whatever boosters etc - on paper they work, but in reality the percentage of improvement is so small, it is not noticable.
Even if you erections would be 0,5% harder, no way in hell you will notice it.

Do you have a link to that article?

It is my understanding that the gut requires glutamine. And if it doesn’t get enough dietary glutamine, it knows where there is plenty of glutamine: in the skeletal muscles. I have taken 5g of glutamine as part of my post workout shake for over 25 years, maybe longer. This libido thought is just another reason to supplement my daily diet with glutamine, even on non workout days. I fact I just took a 5g scoop.

glutamine help with digestive system. It does nothing more than that.

5G of glutamine isnt enought to bring positive impact on the body. Everything you think it does its only in your head

I just try to touch all the bases. I have always used the shotgun approach.

Its just money that you waste. 20-30G of glutamine per day or nothing

Thanks for the info. I am in the grips of sarcopenia. If it might help, it’s only money.

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