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Do Fish Oils Make You Smell?


I started using Carltons liquid Cod Liver Oil over the past several weeks (approx. 2 Tbsps per day or 3000 of DHA) and my wife says that my breath smells throughout the day. Even to the point of "sweating it"?? I don't know? Nothing else has changed i.e. dental, other supplements, etc. Has anyone else noticed this. I previously took a different brand in capsule form with no problem however the potency wasn't as great. Thanks.


um, about 4-5 caps of Flameout will solve your problem


I swear it smells like tuna when I piss


I never noticed any problems with it, but that isn't to say that it can't have that effect on you.


Yes, even when taking fish oil in pill form, you will keep burping up some over the day. On a similar note, I've seen a study where most women were able to accurately judge what a guy had been eating by smelling his sweat.

...So, tough luck I'd say, that's the price you pay for those health benefits.
BTW, I usually drink my fish oil before bed so I don't have this issue during the day.


To my understanding, quality fish oil shouldn't smell or taste fishy. I don't recall who told me that though but something along the lines of not fresh==fishy.



I thought Flameout was fish oil?


I like that idea for my nightly serving - I usually take my final dose at dinner but could switch that to bedtime - otherwise I generally take them throughout the day.


it is, that's why I suggested you use that.

Debra- I've heard the same thing that fishy taste equals bad quality. But, I think getting a fishy taste just means it's not enteric coated. Because I dunno, but taking fish oil should taste "fishy" if you were to crack open a pill


I take liquid form and I don't ever notice any fishy taste. BUT it does have a hint of lemon and some rosemary and thyme oil in it though so it may just cover it.


in that case, then yeah. Probably shouldn't be tasting the fish oil


Keep it in the fridge. Eat it with a meal. Drink a lot of water.
Or buy enteric coated.

Is this really that hard? Just use the search function man


Maybe you have trimethylaminuria.


I've never been told that. I take 5 fish oil caps, 5 flax caps and 5 salmon oil caps a day. All with food and water....and I also keep'm in the fridge. I might get a burp or two a day that tastes unfavorable....but that's about it.

Cologne :wink:




same here.


I used to take Costco's Fish Oil and burped the stuff up all day long.

I've since switched to Flameout and now never have the fish burps.

I agree that a quality fish oil supplement should not give you the fish burps.


i think it has less to go with the quality of the fish oil and more about how your gut handles it. i've taken the costco brand and the cvs brand and have never had a problem with fish oil burps.


I have been using the fish oil from Costco for years and may notice a slight taste after burping once or twice a year. I keep mine in the fridge and take them with meals.