Do Fat People Piss You Off a Little?

As many of you are aware, I was fat most of my life and maybe this is just me being pissed off at my previous self, or maybe I feel like people just owe it to themselves to be better.
This isn’t going to be friendly.

I work in aviation. It’s not exactly known for having ‘fit’ people so I stand out, but this isn’t about me. A coworker of mine is probably 24 years old, 5’5 and somewhere between 350-400lbs. I’m certain the last time he stepped on a scale was at the doctor’s office.

I see him eating his ‘breakfast’ across the break room while I stuff 4 unseasoned scrambled eggs down my face. His breakfast consists of:

  • 1 pack peanut butter M&Ms (250cal)
  • 1 bag Doritos (150cal)
  • 1 can Monster (230cal)
  • 1 pop tart double pack (410cal)

(this isn’t an ‘off day’)

This is his breakfast, and I kind of fucking hate him. Not because he’s a bad person - in fact he’s actually pretty nice. I hate the stupid decisions he’s making. I hate the hurt he’s going to put his family through for his guaranteed early death. I hate that part of my paycheck is going to pay for the government subsidized insulin he most certainly will need soon - if he doesn’t already need it. I hate that he won’t be a productive member of society; worse yet: I hate that he will be a drain on society for the decisions he makes. I hate that he doesn’t have anyone in his life to help hold him accountable to himself, and to live a better life.

His lunch will be another 2 bags of chips and a vending machine large chocolate chip cookie, probably with a full sugar soda or another Monster to help him be more energetic (despite his ~1000cal daily energy surplus consumption rate).
I couldn’t tell you what his dinner is, but forecast looks like a family size bag of chips and ice cream - if not a meal fit for 2 at In-and-Out.

I’m not saying that being a little bit overweight is terrible, nor do I dislike folks who have 10-20lbs to lose - that is normal these days. It’s the ones who eat like they’re preparing for holocaust levels of starvation that fucking irritate me.

Is this fatphobic? No; I’m not afraid of fat people, I just don’t fuckin like them for their shitty, indulgent, selfishly entitled fucking behavior.

On second thought, maybe this is about me after all.



:man_shrugging:t2: I hate when people dress up vice like a virtue.

If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have written it.

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Years ago, I had a fat guy for a roommate.

We’d eat pizza and go to Dairy Queen nearly every week.

It was awesome.


I don’t hate them, but it is tough for me to understand how some people get there (morbidly obese), or not seeming to do much or care about it while there.


Does it bother you that people don’t floss?


Piss me off? No.
Upset me? Sure.

Obesity is a choice. Very complex things compound together to lead to this poor choice and it’s sometimes difficult to watch them make this choice. Does it piss me off though? No more than an alcoholic who chooses to drink, a smoker who continues to smoke, a thrillseeker who likes to jump around high-rise buildings, a person who likes to 1RM their deadlift twice a week, a person who decides to take steroids, a woman who likes to sleep around, or a single childless person that gambles away all their money.

Everyone has the right to make choices and if they aren’t putting anyone else at risk then I’ll defend their right to make those choices.

All of those things listed definitely upset me though.


Dentists be punching the air right now.

I swear, if you tell me that people don’t wash their hands I’m going to lose it.


Haha, you know where I’m going, people make stupid decisions all day every day, it’s the joy of free and open society, and more often than not those decisions negatively impact society as a whole, and many other individuals, but the only thing that getting angry about it does it have a negative impact on your health (ironically).

If you really feel that strongly about it get into health advocacy, research or government and do some work that will have a direct impact. If not just be grateful that you realised the error of your ways and got fitter and healthier!


TBH I think almost none of those things have any tangible impact.

I’ve inspired the better part of 2 dozen coworkers (not this one, lol) to start lifting and watching what they eat. It’s not that I just go around telling everyone “you shouldn’t eat that” or anything, folks just ask questions and bring up losing weight/lifting and I tell them. Then I have people come back months later telling me that I inspired them to lose weight… it feels incredible and humbling. I think I’d have more impact doing what I already do.

I also want to clarify that I don’t expect people to just lose weight due to my overwhelming presence. I’m narcissistic, but not that narcissistic lol.

At any rate, this was just a rant of mine that felt coherent enough to put down on paper, so I did.

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Seems like it’s common for people to despise in others what they once despised in themselves. It may actually show that you care about him.

If it was someone whose downfall you wanted to see, then you may get some type of schadenfreude from this situation. So I think your frustration is relatable.

But this…

is unacceptable. Why no salt!?


Yea I figured, assuming your being irked at fat peoole doesn’t affect your blood pressure then that’s all good!

Yea that’s true, interesting piece of research I saw years ago about the shift in women’s rights in India, they noticed after years of education and government intervention nothing had shifted, then western TV became big over there and all of a sudden there was a shift (poorly paraphrased, but just to say I agree changes are often brought about through witnessing others and mirroring behaviour).

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I thought the same exact thing! Like, WHY??

I don’t care about obese people and their choices. I feel lucky to have spent my early childhood with a mother who would say, after I’d had a couple of cookies and was going back for more, “if you’re hungry, get something to eat,” by which she meant that cookies weren’t actually food. I agree, and taught my children the same thing. If you’re hungry, eat something of substance and get full.

Unless it’s summertime and you’re eating an ice cream cone. You should go into that hungry, so you can justify enough scoops to constitute a feast. Because just one flavor is no bueno.

I do have strong feelings about morbid obesity, though they’re more like bewildered distress than anger. How awful must it be to carry around all that weight? How awful to have to devote your life to this addiction! And how embarrassing. It confuses and dismays me. So much unnecessary pain.


“Well I put the frickin’ effort in. If I can do it, why can’t they!? Assholes. They piss me off”.

Seems like it could be a legit thought pattern.

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You know what’s more than annoying about the obese? When they end up qualifying for disability benefits. Oh, and start legally parking in handicap spaces.


This would make me upset if there was a shortage of handicap spaces. How many handicap spaces they are required to put in upsets me. It seems like the rules are overkill. I’ve seen completely full lots with ~20 open handicap spaces.

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Unfortunately this is prob not too uncommon.

I don’t think i can disagree with anything you’ve said here.
I think there are a ton of people out there that struggle with food but i’d be willing to bet 90% of those people don’t even put in any effort to change.

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That’s a good way of putting it. Pity is another. Once eating becomes more like a compulsion or addiction, it’s truly sad.

There’s a guy on Twitter you’d love, who’s going viral right now for turning his life around, going to the gym every day, revamping his diet, and (so far) losing 130-pounds.

He made an excellent point here.


To make me want to eat less.

If my food is too tasty, I have to fend off binge habits.

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Exactly. But I need to remember my own vices and poor decisions before letting those feelings brew.


Unfortunately I can see exactly where you are coming from. I have a family close to me (cousins) that are a literal bunch of fat pigs. All girls at home with no prospects of a love life unless they find someone who likes people with terrible knees, body odors galore, more hair than a sasquatch (definite hormone issues) and huge chips on their shoulders about how they can’t find a guy. It drives me crazy when they moan one day then stuff their faces the next with as about as much food as I’d eat in a week. Give one piece of advice tho and however nicely or friendly its put then you turn into a complete bully.
Got another cousin however who used to be a total fat shit, turned his life around and spent hours at the gym with me and my brother. Now happily married and slowly putting it back on again :rofl: