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Do Fat Burners Work?


I have reading the T-Nation forum for a couple of months. I have a question about "fat burner". Do they work? Also I do construction and since today is supposed to get to 100, is there any precautions I should take, i.e. any heat related side effects from fat burners?


Remember, if a hard body came in a pill or bottle, everybody would have one. A fat burner will not work on it's own. However, combined with diet and excercise, they may help you. Without getting to scientific, many of them raise your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories throughtout the day. Some release fat from the cells into the bloodstream, where it is more readily burned during excercise.

Some fat burners are little more than appitite surpressents. So if you eat less, you loose fat. Not always true, but sounds good in theory. Others work by blocking absorbtion of fat by your digestive system. Good in theory, but it also blocks absorbtion of nutrients.

As far as precautions go, specifically on hot days, consider avoiding it or going with a low dose. They raise your heart rate and blood pressure and many will dehydrate you. If it is 100' out, you are already working hard and sweating buckets, and your body is doing it's best to keep you stable. If you add a pill that raises your temperature and draws water from your cells, not a good thing.


Biotest HOT-ROX, Apperantly has had good reviews, but I agree with Combatmedic.


Also, a lot of them are diuretics. They have caffeine and a substance that makes you piss, so you have more energy, and you piss your water away.

SO, when you get on the scale it seems as though you have been burning off fat. But, these can be dangerous.

You should do a search on google. I have read(but I forgot as well) which substances in fat burners are helpful, and which are dangerous.


Would this "diuretic" be one that would cause you to fail a drug test in a drug-free PL fed??


No. Diruetics are just herbs that cause your body to naturally release excess water stores.

Some fat burners though could show up on a drug test, especially if they contain ephedrine. Be careful of that. I've never heard of anyone failing a drug test using HOT-ROX though.


Cool... what's the "typical" (i know it's a silly question but i ask regardless) that one can expect to lose with the aid of a fat burner?


I've tried a number of them over the years, and I've found that unless you already have your diet under strict control, they just won't make much difference.


Alcohol is also a diuretic Hanley :wink:

And btw diuretics are not herbs, it is merely any compound/substance that causes the body to lose water through excessive urination, in extremely simplified terms.


It's a good thing I don't drink alcohol then isn't it!! hahahahaha.

I thought the IFBB started testing for diuretics after the deaths of Munzer and Benzina? I'm guessing it's a more potent type than contained in fat burners...


There's no 'typical' fat loss expectation for any fat burner, or any diet for that matter.

I asked the question specifically if HotRox could cause any 'alarm bells' in a drug test, and the answer was 'NO'. I was advised if I had any reservations about it, I could stop using HotRox about 2 weeks before a drug test, and there'd be no trace of any of the ingredients. I wasn't overly concerned about it, but if a job was on the line, I'd rather err on the side of caution.

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Depends on the fat burner. Clenbuterol (a beta 2 agonist) worked best for me, but its illegal, fairly risky to use and relatively hard to get. Also you could eat above your approx maintenance level and lose 4-5lbs a week of fat, no joke. Another downside is it only works for about 10 days to 2 weeks.

Ephedrine works in weightloss by thermogensis but mainly the anoretic effect, i.e. appetite suppression, at the later stages of calorie restricted diet it could boost the fat loss which slows down as the body adapts.

Typically it might as much as double your normal fat loss per week in some circumstances.
Despite what people seem to think, Ephedrine doesn't lose all its effectiveness until very prolonged use, but the bad side effects do dissapear. Typically it'll work well over the course of a decent calorific restriction period.

Also it can counterract some of the strength losses from calorie restriction as it is aids strength a bit.

As far as HOT-ROX is concerned I think you have to use it for a couple of weeks to start maximising the effects, probably by then offers simialar fat loss potential as ephedrine and caffeine in moderate doses, but probably a bit better and less side effects.


You ain't tried the good ones then.


Then by what I am reading, if I maintain a proper diet along with a proper workout regiment, fat burners are somewhat of a moot point. And for what it is worth, I drink about 80 to 120 oz. of water a day.