Do Exercise and Diet Really Help Reduce Estrogen?

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I thank the T Nation community for helping people like me. Keep up the good work.

I am not on any HRT regimen. I am a 29 year old man that is naturally estrogen dominant. My estrogen(E2) levels have always been at around 50-60 Pg/ml (normal range 10-40). I have suffered from erectile dysfunction, bloating, puffy nipples, female fat distribution and low sex drive all my life. And because, I have had normal levels of T, Free T, TSH, Prolactin etc, doctors never thought anything was wrong with me.

So I decided to take matter into my own hands, I started taking 200 mg of DIM everyday for nearly 6 months. My E2 levels dropped from 60 to 36. My erection improved, my anxiety levels dropped, however my sex drive worsened, my knees started hurting a lot. So, I decided to quit using DIM.

I have read that DIM has anti-androgenic effects (blocking mTor pathways). So, assuming that this was the reason for my low sex drive, I have decided to reduce my E2 via the natural route i.e through exercise and diet. My body fat percentage is above 20% and my dietary habits are pretty bad (There is a lot to optimize here).

Do you guys think exercise, fat loss and Diet can bring down my E2 to somewhere in the mid 20s?

Also, are there any clinics in California that will look into what is wrong with me and treat me?

It would be far cheaper to use a telemedicine clinic such as Defy Medical. I (in California) just became a patient today for a third time in order to get Cialis at cheaper prices than retail pharmacy which is out of control in what’s charged for medicines.

Cialis changes T:E-2 ratios, so someone who’s estrogen dominant, I can’t think of a better way to correct hormone imbalances using a pill. Dr. Saya of Defy Medical, the medical director has written papers on how he’s seen HPTA suppression with estrogen at 45, you’re at 50-60 which undoubtedly is reducing your testosterone.

There’s no consensus for defining testosterone deficiency, with regards to Total T or Free T, no known cut off point as no two doctors can agree. Some men have symptoms begin with low and even slightly below mid normal Free T levels.

Best post those Total T and Free T values.

You should be exercising, regardless and not just when you’re having health problems. If your lifestyle is sedentary, this may be why you’re having these problems all your life. Some men are more genetically predisposed to higher amount of body fat and therefore high levels of aromatase enzymes ->higher estrogen.

These men will need to work harder than your naturally lean man to keep the body fat percentage down to stay fit and healthy.

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Thank you @systemlord for your quick response. Your posts/replies across the forum are very informative.

My lab work before using DIM

Total T - 602 ng/dl (249 - 836)
Free T - 0.521 nmol/L (0.198 - 0.619)
SHBG - 22.12 nmol/L (18.3 - 54.1)
E2 60.1 pg/ml (10-40)

My lab work after DIM

Total T - 704 ng/dl
Free T - 0.559 nmol/L
SHBG - 29.53 nmol/L
E2 - 35.85 pg/ml


Wow, both testosterone panels almost identical with regards to the Total T and Free T. You definitely don’t need TRT. I’m surprised your testosterone levels are this good considering your body fat percentage and E-2 levels.

You’re actually very lucky, you have ideal testosterone levels to be able correct this estrogen dominance. Get in the gym, start lifting weights, change your diet and things will balance out on their own.

You don’t need a HRT clinic, do you need a personal trainer.

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If the exercise and diet changes result in fat loss, and you keep it up long enough to get below 12% body fat, it will almost certainly lose E2 levels and increase Free T.

I see a local doctor in NYC… Insurance pays for the visit… the Test is like 55 bucks for 3 month supply. Way cheaper than any other telemedicine. I only pay a 20 dollar co-pay. I’m not on TRT through insurance either.

Thats some pretty good numbers that some of us would kill for to have naturally lol No TRT for you but proper training, diet and sleep hygiene. Melt the fat, get more active, healthier and you will start feeling a lot better. I have bought DIM also but didn’t start. Might give it a go and see what happens.