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Do DeFranco Bars Deliver?


Having read the entire Ask Joe archive, I’ve gotta ask; do these deliver??

They are decent, nothing out of this world. For 21$ however, if you need to get some protein bars, may as well get Defranco’s.

I believe they have been discontinued so that’s a good find. Thanks,

Thanks for the info!

I didn’t particularly like them. I like DeFranco, but not his bars.

I cycle bars to avoid getting terribly sick of them. Personally, I’m currently into Oh Yeah bars (awesome, seriously), Oh Yeah wafer bars (almost like candy), Supreme bars (also quite tasty but sweeter than Oh Yeah), and Muscle Sandwich bars.

I’ve got some DeFranco bars I’ll send you if you want to try them. PM me your shipping info if so.

i like the ones with peanuts on the outside