Do Deca or to Sustanon?

I was considering running a deca-winstrol cycle. It would last for 8 weeks start at 200mg/week,then 300mg/week peak at 400mg/week and down again to 300mg/week and lastlt again down to 200mg/week.

Also I planned on including 50mg/day of winstrol through the whole cycle since I have read that winny can in some ways combat the progestanic effect of deca. (I was thinking of doing the classic deca-dianabol cycle initially)

Also does it make any sense to consider a SERM such as Nolva or arimidex? (doesn’t eh while running deca and winny only?)

Also HCG has to be included, as deca seems to be fairly suppressive?

A sustanon-dianabol cycle with arimidex as post cycle therapy would induce less sides/more muscle gain for a user that has only run a dianabol cycle before?

My target is to keep most of the gains AFTER the cycle. Im primarily interested in keeping some lean muscle not bloating up during the cycle and then loose most of the muscle/strength gains as the experience I had with that dianabol only cycle. thanks in advance.

Man…I really think you need to go read some more.I’m not trying to be an ass but,this aint even ball parkin. Look up some “sample steroid stacks.” There are several out there that also give you an Idea as to what your pct should look like.Your health comes first bro.Get it rite before you pin.Look at the steroid newbie thread at the top of the page.It will help you out.