Do Daily Shots Lower E2?

Just curious does Daily or EOD shots universally lower E2 for people who are on them?

I understand its very personal and individual with a lot of individual things at play but just curious if it does lower E2 or does it actually raise it as you are constantly injecting Test each day.

Also does longer esters aromatise more than shorter esters? For example P, E, C dont aromatise as much as Undecanoate?

No, it depends on the dose. If you inject the same amount over the week, E2 will be higher with daily at trough, lower at peak.

Have not seen a difference with cypionate, enanthate or propionate.

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I think it’s very individual, some report lowered E2, other see no change. I’m actually going from 40mg MWF (120mg weekly) to 16mg daily (112mg weekly) in an attempt to lower my E2 and DHT since I’ve been dealing with some acne issues.

Good point, there are always the outliers.

It will be interesting to see how you respond to the dose change.

From my experience, daily injections lowered my E2 a little. Maybe 15% - 20%. Not enough to make me feel a difference.

Whats the problem to begin with, and what is your E value? If youre trying to treat a number, dont. E will settle where it wants to be depending on how your body aromatases T to E.