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Do cats blink?

This is a pretty stupid topic but it’s bothering me. Do cats blink? I was trying to stare one down in my garden but it beat me. I understand that humans blink to remove dirt from their eyes, so why is it that cats don’t need to?

Wow, I have 2 cats at home and can’t recall ever seeing one blink. They do close their eyes, but blinking? I don’t know. I’ll check it out and fill you in.

sorry…but this really made me laugh. I started visualizing someone staring down a cat, kinda like something out of “Little Rascals”. Had to laugh…Patricia :slight_smile:

Work on your stare. Cats do blink.

What kind of t-man gets stared down by a puddy tat? :slight_smile:

I’ll start working on my stare then. Maybe I can fool the can with some of those funny glasses with the eyes on them.

Yes, they blink… I think the long staring ability comes from the ‘ready to pounce’ thing. When my cats are stalking my laser pen they totally freeze before they pounce.

*laugh* I've lost more than one staring contest!

my ex-girlfriend had 4 books called something like “why do clocks run clockwise”, “when do fish sleep,” “can penguins fly” and something else. she was talking one day so instead of daydreaming i decided to skim through one. they have some pretty weird questions, but all the answers. (what was i supposed to actually listen to her? hmmm maybe thats why she’s my ex.) might be able to find your answer there.

Yeah, my cats blink, but not nearly as often as I do.

Cats blink. They even have a third, semi opaque eyelid to help spread tear fluid across the surface of the eye.

Yeah cats blink, my girlfriend’s cat blinked at me twice when I tossed her down the stairs, first when she hit the step half way down and second when she hit the floor at the bottom.
Just kiddin! But I hear cats have been known to blink every so often only when Nathan here isnt looking!

How come cats don’t freak out when I fart out about three pounds of protein powder? I thought they have a great sense of smell.

Try macing that cat. He’ll blink.

Cats will blink when you touch their cornea. They will also close their eyes when they are held under water. Finally, you could just get a dog and to hell with cats anyway. This whole thread gets a C because the idea of watching cats do anything automatically drops your grade by two full letter grades.

LightandFluffy, since we are grading posts now in this forum, you get an F. Who cares if he asked a question about cats no need to grade us on our performance here. If you thought it was such a dumb post why did you write.
Your Pal, Grizza

Ok, I tried NOT to respond to this post… But I really hate cats. All cats should die. Ok, I feel better.

Well, Grizza. I refer you to the original post which states that, “this is a pretty stupid topic.” However, I wanted to make sure that someone graded it. Remember that one man’s refuse is another man’s treasure. In this case, the topic is “pretty stupid.” Kind of like you trying to stop me from scoring a goal when I have a full head of steam. You leave your crease and then you pay. Sorry, pal, couldn’t respond to you without some reference to my physical prowess. Oh, by the way, “why did you write.” should have a question mark at the end of it. Grade: B.

Cats are cool. Not those declawed city cats but the kind that hunt around my barn and keep the fucking rodent population under some kind of control. Watching them stalk and nab one kind of furry creature or another is kind of fun on a slow day.

Well I’m glad you noticed my little grammatical slip up. I too noticed it as I sent the message unfortunately as I tried to go back to change it it already was posted. But thanks for noticing. So now you are not only the grader or the content of our messages on here, but you are also looking for all of our grammatical errors, too? You must have so much time on your hands to be going through all of our posts grading our content and grammer(pun intended with the spelling make sure you mark me off at least a letter grade). So not only do you tend to brag about your ‘physical prowess’ but your are also and intellect, surprising to say the least.
To be honest and for your sake from now on, I suggest you leave out the hockey references from now on. Because trust me I don’t care how amazing you physique is there is no way you could blow anything by me. Heck, just watching you try to build up a head of steam would make me curl over in absolute laughter.
I am sure you are very talented in your own right, that I am not about to debate on. Just for further reference don’t try to bring any analogies in to relate to me because believe me you are way out of your league.

Calm down ladies. And to Lightandfluffy, this is an off-topic forum and I posted an off-topic thread, have I done something wrong? I’d rather post a stupid topic and learn something, that be an ignorant fool. And I don’t have any dogs, the two I had died, so it’s my job to scare them off. Thanks for the info people, I’ve been enlightned.