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Do Canadians Speak English?


Really, what do we know about our neighbors to the North?


i believe they speak Spanish.


I believe we smacked you with our bacon cocks in the lets start an argument thread.




Haha, nice.


Yup Austin was right, tehy speak mexican for sure...

Taco Taco taco, burrito, enchilada...


My wife is Mexican, she will go off on me when I am giving her a hard time. My response is normally "Chimichanga, Tacos Al Carbon, Pappas Fritas, Queso" Your quote just brought that to mind.

Canadians speak Canuck thought that was a known thing.




Looks like some pretty country. But really...do the men stand up when they pee? Do the women have hair issues like in France? Do they have indoor plumbing?

these are legitimate questions, no?


Alas these great mysteries may never be solved



Except for the indoor plumbing. Everyone knows that any self respecting Canadanian's plumbing is a hole in the floor on the south side of their igloo.


Reminds me of a Mitch Hedberg bit:

I like the American-Canadian border, 'cause if you're walking on the border with a friend, and you push your friend into Canada, he can't push you back right away, 'cause first he has to go through customs. "What brings you to Canada?":[Points to the side] "That asshole." "When are you leaving?" "As soon as I regain my equilibrium!"


When addressing someone we end every sentence with "buddy", "guy", or "friend". The "eh" stereotype is also completely legit and any Canadian who denies it is a traitor or embarrassed by his lumberjack heritage.

I'm willing to field any more Canada questions and answer them in a hilarious, yet informative way.


only hair issue I got is which shampoo should I buy.

only rule in plumbing is don't pee on the igloo. it attracts de bears.


Must get awful crowded in there.

I'm thinkin, anyways....




GPP the Canadian way.


(If I thought this thread would attract Mainie.....I would've started it a loooong time ago!)


HaHaHaHaHaHaHa this had people coming down the hall asking me what's so funny. Bravo.


Edgy, finally finished that portrait of you.