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Do Box Squats Work for Conventional DLs?


I've been using the wide stance box squats and i deadlift conventionally. Now i've read articles that say wide box squats are better for sumo lifters and not lifters like me. So are wide box squats still beneficial for us conventional deadlifters?



Yes. Although most people will agree you should squat in a similar stance always. So keep your stance the same and go to the box.


I am a conventional deadlifter too, along with some westsiders, they all box squat wide, why shouldnt you? I ave also seen 40+ pounds of carryover from them


40+ lbs of carryover from what?


It's good to do a combination of close stance and wide stance box squats. The close stance box squats will hit your quads more and your quads help the start of your pull. Wide stance is going to hit your hips, glutes, and hamstrings more. Pause squats and Anderson squats are also good for improving your deadlift.


thats interesting cos i've seen vids of westsiders and only louie seems to do conventional dl. tho i remember reading this by jim wendler said that he squats close stance on ME and wide on DE days. Heres a link http://www.nutritionxp3.com/articles/EFTS/forcetraining.htm


based on that then, how does this look for squat only day (ME)

low close stance box sq/low wide stance box sq/wide front box squats/Parallel wide box squats
(wotk up to 1RM)
olympic squats 4sets 10-8 reps
stiff legged dl 4sets 10-8reps
abs cable crunches 3sets 10-12 reps
abs dumbell side bends 3 sets 10-12reps