Do Boron & Natural AIs Work?

Hi Everyone! I have been on Test E cycle 500mg for over 2 weeks now, started my third week just now. I have a quick question. I have just ordered BORON as a natural AI. I have Arimidex on hand but so far I have not experienced side effects so I kept it locked in in my drawer. Did anyone try this? Shall I use this just in case as a natural supplement during my 10 weeks and only touch Arimidex if sides occur? Thanks for your help guys.

I Started taking Boron to lower SHBG and i did feel a difference. I did read it can lower estradiol levels but i wouldn’t count on it as first line of defense. If you have it why not use it?

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Inconsistent results from studies with that stuff.

If it lowers your SHBG, then it would increase your free test/estrogen.

But I have also seen that it works as an AI.

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I use 6mg every day, shbg lower 24%

Thanks guys! So it should lower side effects (if any) on T cycle. Estrogen as well? Is that correct?

More free t also means more aromatization, use Aromasin, start with 6.25 every 2nd day, right at the beginning of your cycle, don’t wait for symptoms such as brain fog or limp dick or unfocused sex to even start, if you do get any of the above signs of high e, then go to 6.25 Aromasin eod, and increase decrease in need. As long as you stick to a frequent low dosage of Aromasin, chances are very low that your e will ever go out of whack because you’ll learn to listen to the signals that your body is giving you. I use nothing else than Aromasin, and my ending doc is happy with how I balance it.

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