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Do Aromatase Inhibitors Cause Diabetes?

Do they affect glucose levels negatively?

Im not sure about that but for sure they are very harmful for bone mineral density and low levels of estrogen put you at risk of cardio-vascular events

What if they are used only to keep Estrogen in optimal range? Low levels are obviously not healthy

In 99 percent that is not necessary. What is optimal level of estrogen?


But if your drop your E2 too low then THAT will affect glucose.

This is because estradiol and testosterone play a role in the management of glucose and cholesterol. So if E2 is too high or too low both will affect insulin function negatively.

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Between 20-30 pg/mL for a guy in early 20s as far as I know

Don’t marry yourself to a number. If you are fine at a higher number, let it ride.

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No man this is ridiculous and chasing that number is absurd. I had almost 50 at the times I had above average free test naturally and felt awesome. Also I l know guys with 80 that feel awesome.

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I’m around 50 and I feel like I’m developing gyno

Post your full labs here

Itchy nipples go way, watch for hard lumps.

What is tour protocol? When you start to feel e2 symptoms first you lower the dose and split it to more frequent injections