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Do Alphas Exist in Modern Society?


Dud of a thread.


It’s become fairly common with 4chan and the alt right crowd, but yeah it’s mostly ironic (thank God).

Au contraire. Way better than Zeps duds


Now if the question is are there men who work harder, continuously improve, achieve more and just win through shear force of will… then yes absolutely. I’ve met a few.

@BrickHead @pfury


That’s not the men we discussed in the thread from which this topic moved.


Then there’s a pretty good chance the people you were referencing weren’t alphas lol


From what I understand, an “alpha” is simply a position in a hierarchy. To get to that position requires a combination of several character traits. The research we have at our disposal is mainly derived from studies on non-human primates.

Most primate hierarchies are patriarchal like chimps, various species of macaques etc in which violence, posturing and strategic alliances are used to attain alpha status. Some are matriarchal like bonobos in which sex and strategic alliances are used more.

How “alpha” is defined by internet theories about getting laid and youtube “motivational” speakers are usually modeled after characteristics of male primates in the aforementioned studies.

What we normally see are “low-status” males latching on to these theories and adapting/redefining them to fit their understanding of how modern society works. Since people are normally “low-status” because they don’t really know how society works in the first place, it’s very much like a noob trying to understand how to become a pro bodybuilder by reading about it. Or a virgin telling people how to get laid.

What I did try to do earlier on in the other thread was define “alpha” while commenting that the stupid “alpha as fuck” attitude does not apple to modern society.

The “tough guys” you see on screen are rarely alphas. Clint Eastwood’s character in the Dollars Trilogy is not an alpha. Like Mad Max and several characters from anti-establishment movies in that era, his character was modeled after the Ronin character in the Japanese movie Yojimbo. They are all PARIAHS.

They are all outcasts, the complete opposite of alphas. Which is what makes them fascinating, but certainly not people you want to model your life after.


Yes, the alt-right worms are obsessed with the concept - recall Raj bleated on and on about it. Small men worry about this.

It’s always helpful to remember that the alt-right isn’t a movement or philosophy - it’s a neurosis that plagues weak men.


Sure. Seems obvious. How that is defined might vary depending on where you’re standing. But sure, some folks seems to be predisposed for leadership roles.


We were speaking of men with leadership qualities, not men who simply work hard.


Maybe just go with ‘leaders’ then. Bros and the alt right have kinda fucked with that word.

Unless you hear it on animal planet. Then it’s probably legit


I’ll go with that. I know about some elements of the alt-right but I do not know of the general stance on the alpha-male concept in it.