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Do Alphas Exist in Modern Society?

Topic taken here. @lucasmon @Frank_C @dt79

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It all depends on how one defines an “Alpha”…and therein lies the problem.

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Ofc we have alphas. Rich people for daysssss

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Man, I was already past that and discussing Charlton Heston and how the mute chick in Planet of the Apes symbolized the surpression of female voices in society lol.

@dagill2 was also deep into that discussion about alphas.

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yes. me.




I was mostly passing time because I got trapped under a sleeping baby with no access to the remote. Does that make me a theta man? Or more upsilon?

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I was a sigma phi epsilon in college. Wondering how that factors into alpha status.

Who knows if so-called “Alphas” and “Betas” are fruitfull descriptive terms when it comes to understanding male members of the species Homo sapiens sapiens. But one thing is probably true, and that is: Men who obsess about being “Alphas” are probably not.


You took the words out of my mouth - except that I would delete “probably”. :grinning:


How do you even define “alpha”? Does that just mean that you’re not a pussy and you get girls? Somewhere along the line I stopped paying attention to what mainstream society was into and all of a sudden men were divided into letters of the Greek alphabet.

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I’m surprised they’re talking about men because that’s gender specific - how presumptuous of them.

Maybe it’s one of those divide and conquer strategies, divide men into alphas and betas and then turn them all gender-neutral.

We discussed the definition in the Flame Free Discussion thread. The description of alpha has nothing to do with attracting women. We were the discussing the traits of leaders or men fit to lead, a word synonymous with alphas, not some goofy bro crap.

I just looked up the definition, basically “alpha” is the dominant individual in a group of animals and can also be a female. I honestly never paid attention to this kind of stuff, it’s the kind of thing I hear from that Roosh guy so I never gave it much thought. But anyway, in the case of dominant males amongst animal, getting the females is a large part of it. They don’t have societies as complex as humans so there is less administration and politics, and more mating going on.

As far as any human males fitting that description, I can see why you ask if any exist in modern society. Here in the western world the leaders are usually from one of the aristocratic families (like the Bushes or Trudeaus) or members of some secret society, and often both. Maybe in certain circles, like gangs or tribal societies, there are some people who would fit the description.

Do you mind linking one of the posts where you discussed the definition?

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This ain’t flame free bro. We’re gonna flame your nuts off alpha style round here!

You’ve got a hella uphill battle to go. Only Bros and fratfags use the word alpha unless it’s ironic.




I legit thought the whole concept was ironic. Seeing how with wolves and lions being alpha means there’s a target on your back and you only last until you lose your first fight.

I never realized there were adult males who strived for ‘alpha’ status like a harem awaited them.

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It now makes sense. Terrorism is being alpha.

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