Do All Programs Start So Light?

Quick question. I was looking around at some programs because I wanted to start a new one.

Most programs are around 5 weeks long, which is what I was looking for.

However, they all have you start at a weight that’s much lower than what I was currently lifting on my last program.

It just feels too light to be doing any good, yet they all start like this.

Yes, they increase weight each week, but for the first 3 weeks or so, it doesn’t seem like you’re lifting enough to be doing any good.

Is this normal?


Specifically which program are you referring to?

[quote]ChuckUFarley wrote:
Most programs are around 5 weeks long[/quote]

I can’t think of any programs that tell you what weight to start at. They’ll talk in terms of rep range and maybe a percentage of 1RM, but that’s necessary for any program. Just because it’s different than what you’re currently doing definitely doesn’t mean it’s pointless. There have been plenty of arguments made for the benefits of not lifting heavy 365 days a year.

What does your current training look like, what are your goals, and what are your current stats (height, weight, fat level, strength on basic lifts)?

I’m not sure of these 5 week long programs you are referring to.

There are certainly strength cycles that can go in 6 to 12 week blocks and they often start off light and build up to a max weight.
Some powerlifters cycle this way to avoid burnout and it’s a proven method of gaining strength.

The idea is after you reach your max week which for example could be week 6 then you start a new cycle the next week at a lighter weight and build back up again so in the next week 6 you will maybe add 2.5 kgs to your 5 rep max.
The next cycle you do after this could be lifting to increase a 3 rep max and so on.