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Do AIs Increase Aromatase Production as a Side Effect?

I am getting conflicting information on this. According to some, when taking an AI (Arimidex/anastrozole, Aromasin/exemestane, etc), the body would make more aromatase to compensate the fact that the quantity of aromatase it made before wasn’t enough to raise E2. So in an attempt to raise E2, the body increases the amount of aromatase it produces.

Does anyone have more info on that? Does that make sense?

Ya I’m like 99.999% sure that’s not how that works.

Iv been wrong before tho


Don’t think it works that way.


exemestane is a suicidal ai which binds to the irreversibly binds aromatase enzyme and kills it… So no, BUT the body is smart, while tanking E2 (on a non-suicidal metabolite) the body may stock up on estrone or other oestrogen related metabolites of which are less potent, but still. But no, anastrozole blocks the conversion of T-E2 and binds to the aromatase enzyme (reversibly), exemestane, upon killing aromatase, makes it physically impossible for the body to pump out more E or convert T-) E

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