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Do Actors Use Steroids?


Does anyone think or know if actors use steroids? I know that the bodies that they achieve can be achieved without steroids, its just the length of time in which they achieve it. How can they do it so fast.

I know that it is there job so they are super dedicated to it but if someone were to show me a workout and nutrition plan that would give me the kind of results that they get I'm pretty sure I would do it.


Uh oh...


of course some actors use steroids.

their secret workout plan is this: train really really hard and eat well.

there is no magic training/diet protocol which they follow.


Yeah, I saw a website a while ago that lit up red flags over many celeb/actor physiques. Oftentimes, like you said, it's not the body, it's the time in which it was achieved. I wish I could remember what it was, though.

The actor you showed was on there, Sly, Carrot Top, Tom Cruise I think, plus several others.





why post if you dont care?

there is an article about this at T-Nation.

they are talking about that they train some muscles much that creates a illusion of a muscular body. they point out shoulders,traps,upper pecs and arms as the main target.

  • they says that on a screan low bodyfat% helps the illusion.


My thoughts exactly when I read this. This seems to be 'going around' lately.


ll cool j admited using deca
but it doesnt matter if they do or not??


Just so people dont get the wrong idea, i'm not hating on the actors if they did take steroids but I find it amazing how they can get such good results.

Some of the things which are said in the article that Paddy M posted a link to are pretty stupid though, they make out that just because someone takes steroids they dont have to work hard.


Some of the examples given are kinda iffy... Like Edward Norton? Dre? I mean Dre had 4 years, jeesus... And... well... not sure what to think of christian bale... super-compensation? :wink:


Yeah, they said carrot-top didn't know how to use the machines or something dumb like that...


Yeh I dont doubt that, heis in great shape. Also i'm pretty sure that 50 Cent must of cycled something, I know he's always been in pretty good shape but I saw him live on MTV a couple of months ago and he was massive


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