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Do action stars use roids?

The new Punisher film coming out got me thinking. The lead Thomas Jane put on 25lbs for this role alone. He looks fairly solid in the film 6’ maybe 210lb 10% BF. For this sort of thing where stars have to build themselves up just for a role I would guess the use of steroids may have crossed their mind. I mean theres no drug tests to pass, they need to gain lean body mass fast and get definite results, and there’s the financial incentives.
Anyone know of any rumours or stories about stars using?

Short answer, yes, a lot of them do. Look at Matthew McConaughey in Reign of Fire and then in The Wedding Planner and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (only saw trailers for the second two but you see enough of him) and tell me he wasn’t jacked to the gills when they shot Reign of Fire.

I know a trainer that worked with Chuck Norris and a few other actions actors back in the day and they all juiced from time to time too. It only makes sense of you look at one part needing you to be thin and wiry, one 30 lb. fatter, and the next one lean and muscular, all in a short time frame. Nobody cares because they aren’t breaking any sports records or anything.

“the rock”
who knows maybe even that crack head toby magiure from spiderman! and many others…We’re talking about millions of dollars for one of these parts…come on guys!

Edward Norton in American History X vs. him in Fight Club, ~1 yr. between films…My thought is Hollywood is a big business,and both studios,and the actors will do what it takes to get whatever look they are going for…

if you remember even Kevin Costner got busted while making water world…
And Norton was jacked all up for american history X…

The Rock had one of the worst cases of gyno that I have ever seen when he broke into wrestling.

But back to the subject at hand, I would have to say yes. Ed Norton was unusally jacked for American History X.

Yes EVERY action star uses roids.

I would have to say the punisher star did some kinda something. I read an article where he went from 165 to 190, lost 6 inches off of his waistline. His training was tremendous. I would have to assume that this fella did a mild cycle or two to prepare for this film. Maybe he continued on with another cycle while he was filming.

I would have to say that if a action star looks like a juicer, probably is a juicer. Where there is smoke…ther is fire.

Weird thing about the Rock is he’s a lot less bulkier than when he was a full-time wrestler and he has no puffiness at all. Before he was bloated, not as bad as Triple H but still. Not to mention the gyno he had removed.

I think he’s still on though since I read about some of his workouts and they’re typical druggie stuff. 4 sets of 10, heavy weights, 3 exercises per bodypart, etc.

Maybe he’s taking different drugs than in the past?

Stallone, Arnold- goes without saying.

Fuck, I wouldn’t be surprised if MORE actors took them, just to get in a bit better shape faster.

i heard that will smith used anabolics for ‘Ali.’

i think its a given that the rock is juiced, didn’t he have gyno surgery not too long ago?

Nicholas cage in that movie where he bench presses a chick + con air. Joe Piscapoe (sp). Brad Pitt fight club, I’ve heard he was on winny. Ed Norton, American History X, I heard primo. Carl Wheathers, aka apollo in rocky. The jacked skinhead in Higher Learning/the program/necessary roughness. Bollo Young, guy from Van Damn movies with the huge pecks. Vin Rames, guy from Green mile. Vin Diesel? Micky Rooney. Any wresteler turned actor. That’s all I can think of right now.

ROFLMFAO!! Wideguy…

I think you meant Mickey ROURKE… not ROONEY! ROFL!! Do you know who Mickey Rooney is? ROFL

I got one!Peter North!!:slight_smile:

Wideguy, this dude is Mickey Rooney! ROFL!!!

Oooh yeah, I remember the first time I saw Reign of Fire… That whole scene where McConaghey (or however the hell you spell his name) was beating the shit out of Christian Bale’s characer I thought to myself “Damn, that kid got BIIIIIIIIG!”

Ed Norton in Am. History X, too.

What I don’t understand is how they’d let themselves get all skinny again after that. I wouldn’t care if I missed a movie contract because “my pecs were too damn big.” The feeling I get standing there looking in the mirror at what I’ve built is worth much more to me than any movie contract would be.

Maybe I’m insane…

“Mickey Rooney”, LOL.

Thats some of the funnies shit Ive heard in a minute.

I think Morley Safer is sauced up as well, lol.

Just to add to what I said in my last post; I suppose if I just whipped on 30lbs. of LBM in 1 year for a movie roll it wouldn’t be quite as valuable to me as the same 30lbs. earned over the course of 3 years without the aid of chemicals.

If you go to the grocery store and check out this month’s “Muscle and Fitness” you can read about the program that “The Punisher” used…but it doesn’t make sense because the article says he went from 165 to 190lbs. and it also says he did 7 hours of cardio a week and ate 1800-2600 (aprox.) cal. a day. Oh well, if you’re rich I guess you can do anything.

Wideguy, I think you meant Michael Clarke Duncan in Green Mile, not Ving Rhames. That guy is a freak of nature. If it was Ving, he put on about a hundred pounds and grew about six inches.

As to why they lose muscle after, I’d guess it must be hard to live the clean life being a big hollywood star. All those free drugs, mad parties e.t.c.

Was also thinking maybe Eminem, he’s not exactly massive but he was skinny as shit before.
LL cool J looked massive in SWAT, especially considering the condition he was in Deep Blue Sea.
Also Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, he was smaller before that role.