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Do-able Shoulder Warmup/Prehab


I have been having some warning signs of impending shoulder issues.

Lately it seems that my shoulder girdle just doesn't feel right when I lift.

What are the suggestions?

Before every upper body workout, I do 3 reps of each of the YTWLs, Apley scratch, 10 band dislocations, and 10 band pull aparts.

I cannot for the life of me replicate the pain with any of the information that I have available to me.

I have even considered drastically reducing overhead work for a while.

Any type of education/help you can provide me would be greatly appreciated, and I swear to pay it forward.

Please ask for more information, and treat each other well.


Where is the pain, or not feel right? Any specific lift or motion? Let me preface by saying I am not a medical pro or therapist, but experienced shoulder issues last year. I am 6'5 desk jockey, and poor posture most of my life. A combination of prolonged heavy bench and weighted pull ups / chin ups developed a tight lat and pec on right side that caused severe shoulder pain.

What I did to treat: stopped pull ups for about 6 mos. Worked on t-spine mobility and posture (there are a lot of good stretches here on the site but the one that helped me most was the kneeling in front of bench with elbows on bench, hands up, and lowering head between arms). Lat and pec stretches, and the no-money band pullapart.

Once I was able to add pullups back into routine, I only do neutral grip, and only in low rep intervals (3-5 between all work sets for the day). I also saw a therapist to work out the tightness in lat / pec connection. This helped immensely. The improvement / awareness of posture has enabled me to set PR's in all overhead work, and without pain.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble. Just my $.02. Good luck!


Thanks for the post! It was an awesome read.

My odd feeling is right on top of my shoulder, kind of in the front on the clavicle.

I just want to get into a routine that is balanced that gives me good results. That way I can wash, rinse, repeat over and over and not have to worry about earning a nagging overuse injury.

My research is showing me that pull ups (palms overhand) are hard on sketchy shoulders, and that wide grip anything is a big "no-no."


There was a cressey article earlier this year about earning the right to pull up. That had lots of good exercises.



Found it and read it.

It was very helpful.

I was doing mobility every day, and I got away from it.

I have since resumed doing full body mobility every day before I go lift.

It looks like this:
~Every Day Before I lift~
Limber 11.
T spine PVC rolling.
T spine rotational stretching. (All fours, then one hand to ceiling.)
T spine stretch on bench. (Elbows on bench, arch and push torso to floor.)
Wall sit for a 20 second hold.
Pendlay weighted dorsiflexion.
Standing toe touch.
Cobra stretch. (Lay prone, arch back and push down on floor with hands.)
Apley stretch for 10 seconds in each position.
Handcuff stretch.
Sleeper stretch.
Mini band dislocations.
Broom handle dislocations.
Band pull apart.
Banded no money stretch. (Back to wall, grab band with underhand grip, externally rotate.)
YTWL with scarecrows, skiers, and rear lateral raise.
Lateral raise.
Forward raise to t-arm.
Overhead shrug.