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Do AAS Mask Pain? Off Cycle Tendonitis?


I've seen some reports of people blaming roids for their tendonitis pain after they go off PED. They seem to imply that when you go off, you feel tons of little injuries that you very slightly felt on cycle. Have you guys experienced this when going off?

Do you think AAS mask the pain while on cycle, or that we are more vulnerable when going off, both, or it's all off base?


I think that hard training on AAS can put wear on your joints and tendons...the effect may not be felt as much on cycle because you have extra E in your system which helps to keep them nice and lubricated.

If you are on a high dosed cycle for a long time it may inhibit cortisol to the point that your body isn't doing a good job of healing injured or damaged tendons and ligaments so this could be another cause.


First of all. Yes. Androgens cause you to experience less pain from the same injury.

Second of all, its more likely that you are accumulating small injuries caused by harder training and increased strength that are now not healing as quickly without the AAS in the system.


It's bad enough to be off, but when you can't train it's even worse to keep gains/stall losses. I've seen it happen to many people.

"Funny" thing that is happening to me now, is that when I train, my injuries seem to disappear, as in heal faster! It makes no sense whatsoever but I'll take it!


Try bulk chondroitin sulphate at 5-10g per day. Nothing else I know helps with injuries when natural like this. You have to dose at least 5g per day to get the benefit, and also get plenty of potassium in to balance out the sodium in the chondroitin.

Seriously try it. I guarantee in two weeks you'll be amazed.


Thanks MassiveGuns. I might give it a try if the issue persist.