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DNP - Would Ya?

Well? Would ya?

I’ve found a source for it and I’m tempted. I’ve had good results with clen in the past but I’m so sensitive to stimulants when I’m on a load of clen I get a crazy look in my eye and my colleagues are like “Dude… are you ok?” I’d like to avoid that in future.

Would you run it? We all know that if you’re an idiot it’ll kill you, but then you can say that about most things…

H’mm, Depends on what you want to achieve. I personally wouldn’t do DNP unless I was a competitive BB, and had dialled my shit in with everything else already.

Have you tried albuterol/salbutamol? Not supposed to be as harsh as clen.

ive used it plenty of times.

id recommend that you start low dose for your first cycle. take each dose with food.

it will make you look like shit, so expect that. you will be tired and you will feel hot.

eating carbs will increase the level of heat you feel as well. if you work in a building in a suit, you will be sweating like crazy.

best thing for fat loss though. good luck.

Yeah, plan is 200mg a day for a week, maybe going up to 400mg for a second week depending on results.

I don’t have much fat to lose but the plan is to use it as a sort of prime for my next cycle. Improve insulin sensitivity, get some nice rebound growth going on.

I may have to low carb it, and just have maybe like 50g before bed or something so I’m not too sweaty at work…

na, not tried either of those. Not really too bothered about them to be honest, would much prefer to give DNP a whirl

Whirl away dude. I’m sure you will be careful.

Found this old post. Not sure if you saw it. But I also considered some DNP. I think I’ll pass on it after reading that

i’m of the opinion that if something doesn’t increase my performance in addition to improvement of body composition, then i won’t take it.

^that’s not to say it doesn’t have value for some guys, but it just isn’t worth it for me, and i have plenty of fat to spare right now…