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DNP Trip Report


So I know there is a lot of bias toward this substance thinking its the worst thing for you which I don't get. If you abuse it yeah I think you could mess yourself up, but if used correctly I think its the best weight loss product out there so far.-I've used ec stack, and clen for comparison-

I am done with first week on dnp, first few days at 200mg last few days at 400mg. Going to stay at 400mg for a bit more, and bump up to 600mg for leading up to 20 day mark.

I didn't run any anablics because I wanted to see how I reacted to the substance by itself. My strength was not affected at all after the first week, yet endurance now is starting to take a minor hit. I did cardio a few times just to see how I would react and didn't have any problems. I did sweat a bit more but nothing crazy because I kept dose in low range. I started out around 220 down to 212-in 1 week about 8 days-.

I'm going to run it for at most 20 days less if I start to get any nasty sides, so far its really nothing. I've done ec stack and lost around 3 lbs a week on that, done clen which was about the same. Normally dieting I lose around 1-2 lbs max a week even with cardio. Muscle loss is not noticeable but I am looking flat because I'm on a low carb type diet also. Eating carbs today-refeed day- and I feel noticeably hotter so I think its best to avoid carbs when taking dnp.

But yeah dnp owns I will use it again probably with a full cutting anabolic cycle later on, gonna bulk once get down a bit more. After next bulk will use it again with anabolics.

I seriously think this is the best product I've every used for weight loss, I was seriously shocked at how much weight I lost already.

Diet wasn't super strict and didn't do much cardio at all, lost about a 1lb a day still on low dose. Nothing even compares to those results. Already getting pretty vascular also and abs showing better already. Pretty sure you could eat double maintenance on this stuff and lose fat, no joke.


Nice going, seems to have worked pretty good for you. I think dnp is one of those substances where sides are overexagerated. Another coming to mind is cytomel or the toxicity of oral steroids for example. Don't get me wrong, any of those and others can be potentially dangerous, if taken like a total retard! But if taken intelligently by a knowledgable user, they can be used without too many problems.


I totally agree, there is so much misinformation about the substance just to scare people on it. Honestly its treated similar to how regular gear is by the media. I know some people have died taking dnp, but people have died drinking too much water ext. If you are smart with it and take proper doses and stay hydrated-I made sure to drink well over a gallon of water daily- you should have no problems with it.

It can be used safely, and if you want to avoid any muscle loss-I might lose a bit of muscle but don't care because I gain muscle pretty quick when I bulk- you can run a low dose of test with it also. I was really surprised how well this stuff works and will use it over clen, ec, or any other fat burner in the future.-I can imagine stacking with like hgh, tren, winny, anavar ext and fat loss could be unbelievable in very short amount of time.-


You know another GREAT weightloss drug? CRACK. Its fucking really effective, I've seen people drop 100lbs in 3 months on that stuff. Why don't you check it out. It can be used safely if you know what you are doing.

DNP is a POISON. In more ways than one. Its also a reproductive toxin, and mutagen and is has not been assessed for carcinogenicity. Lap it up if you want but don't try and convince yourself that what your are doing is even remotely safe or smart.


That's a really smart comparison MassiveGuns, you know there's an even faster way to loose weight, cutting one of your legs off. Put a chainsaw on it and then step on a scale, instant weight loss!


You are making my point for me. Why wouldn't you do that? Because its a fucking retarded way to lose weight!


I think it was a fair comparison. Amphetamines and to a lesser extent methamphetamine has been used for weight loss. I'm sure lots of people tried it and said "hey this shit is great! i'm losing lots of weight and there arent even any sides, people must've just exaggerated the dangers"

the only reason that would be ridiculous is because methamphetamine is a household word, everyone knows what it is.. Dnp isn't.. so I actually liked his comparison


They took down the article I posted twice so I wont bother posting it again but you are highly misinformed with the scare tactics that are going around. Every drug including steroids is a poison when ABUSED. The difference between a drug and poison is dose. Oh Paul erdos a famous math mathematician used amphetamines his entire life and lived to about 85. He used it because it helped him work harder. So why don't you educate yourself on proper use of many different compounds instead of throwing around scare tactics. Many bodybuilders use dnp because it works, and I just finished first week and I have never gotten better results in such a short amount of time with any other fat loss substance.

DNP is one of the SAFEST drugs you can take. Why? Am I nuts?! I am basing this on DNP's mode of action. DNP has one purpose and mechanism and affects nothing else, but the mitochondria. DNP does not affect hormone levels as do clen, ECA, T3, etc. It has no side affects that you don't expect such as shakes or cramping. Compare DNP to some of the Drugs the FDA has approved and look at their side effects and then tell me what is safer!


'The basics first. DNP is a classified as a chemical poison. It's mode of action is to disrupt the ETC (electron transport chain) and cause uninhibited exchange of protons. This exchange of protons is what is responsible for making ADP into ATP. Nothing can stop the disruption of this process once it starts. DNP works no matter what! High or low T3 has nothing to do with whether or not DNP affects the mitochondria and burns off extra energy. DNP gets into the cell and into the mitochondria and causes proton release. No other hormones are needed or noted.

Even so, it works in much the same way as clen or ECA or PPACA or thyroid. They ALL cause the metabolism to speed up. These all work via the mitochondria as well, although the non-DNP diet drugs work on the receptors first and DNP goes directly to the mitochondria the results are the same which is speeding up the metabolism to burn fat.

Some other important facts you should know are how ephedrine and beta-3 activation drugs work.

These both cause uncoupling of the ETC chain just like DNP! Ephedrin works part of its magic via beta-3's and much research has been done looking for a magic beta-3 drug. Why, we have it and it is called DNP! If you are sitting around and something is making you hotter, you are most likely experiencing an uncoupling of the ETC chain. No big deal, but DNP just causes a greater effect.

I knew there was a reason that you cannot die from DNP usage, at least the doses many are doing. I talked to a couple people about this but just couldn't find the info to prove it. Ok, so what does DNP do? It uncouples the ETC or oxidative phosphorylation as was elaborate upon above, allowing electron flow to go unchecked at maximal rate and resulting in heat production and ATP depletion.

ATP depletion is the key. What condition exists when you have totally exhausted all ATP and no more is being created? A very good instance we all know about is when you are dead and it is called 'rigor mortis'. Rigor mortis results because no more ATP is binding to the myosin head of the sarcomere in the muscle fibers.

So what does this have to do with us? No one has ever had rigor mortis on DNP or even severe cramping that has ever been documented. Furthermore, and to be more specific as to the uncoupler DNP, the electron gradient is collapsed and it runs unchecked at maximal as I have explained above, but as the gradient continues to increase electron transport becomes more difficult and the process slows! Additionally, under very large artificially created electrochemical proton gradients, normal electron flow stops and may even result in

Reverse electron transport flow!

All that was complicated and here is what it means. The respiration chain has a safety mechanism which allows for feedback controls to keep you from killing yourself. This is also another reason you will not want to do DNP for long periods. If you have taken enough as to create a large gradient the flow of electrons your burning of calories might even stop! This will happen if you don't eat enough calories and appears to be more detrimental on a high fat type diet because as you will see below, glucose can ameliorate charge differentials in the mitochondria and at the cell surface while on DNP.

DNP works no matter what! It uncouples the electron transport train (ETC) and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Some have said it doesn't work after a small dose or only after taking DNP for 2 days or so. I think they are the same kind of person who would take a drink of beer and say, 'Oh, I'm not drunk so alcohol doesn't work'! Alcohol still affects your brain cells and hormone levels and slows down the metabolism. Just because you didn't drink enough to be drunk doesn't mean nothing happens!

DNP is anti-proteolytic. This means DNP does not break down protein via the mechanism through which DNP works. DNP is actually better for you than cardio because exercise is PROTEOLYTIC which in itself is another reason to not be doing a high fat diet. High fat diets and exercise both lower insulin and raise glucagon levels which cause breakdown of protein. It is a proven fact that 10-20% of energy from exercise comes from AA breakdown as well as release of glutamine from the cells. DNP burns calories and does not affect hormone levels. Someone said something about it causing ketosis which is likely if you don't eat any carbs but DNP is not, by itself going toaffect insulin levels like glucose disposal agents metformin or phenformin.

After you read this study you need to ask yourself, need I say more? In the earlier paragraph on the mechanisms of DNP on the mitochondria I explained the safety mechanism which could keep DNP from being totally depleted of ATP. Some were saying ATP depletion would result in cell death. The study below illustrates another mechanism which I didn't know about. The crux of it can be summarized by this sentence: 'The failure to find a reduction in ATP concentration in either fibre type during prolonged exercise in the face of a progressive increase in the number of fibers showing little or no glycogen concentration suggests that protective mechanisms exist that prevent an energy crisis. In other words,When glycogen is gone there is a mechanism which keeps ATP from being depleted'

If you have any questions on my experience or want more real information pm or post in here. DNP has had the LEAST amount of sides for me compared to clen and ec stack with nearly 3x the results. Be smart and educate yourself thats what this forum is about, educated use of various bodybuilding compounds.


The point isn't that DNP isn't lethal, it was that DNP does not raise core temperature at normally used doses. Your body will radiate heat like a mofo, but if you actually check your temp it's often times LOWER than 98.6 degrees (normal). It's only if your core temperature rises that you may be in danger of death through overheating. Dehydration would be a more likely reason. It has been argued that the guy from EF was killed not by DNP but by the diuretics he was given by the doctors in order to try and flush the DNP out of his system. Obviously this would dehydrate the body and probably fuck up your potassium levels to the point that it could kill you.
Never mind the supposed 200+ deaths from Ephedrine.....or the number of people that have died from heart attacks while doing cardio. Again, no one is trying to paint the picture that DNP is no big deal or harmless, just use common sense with it.


hehe I know right

It's a shame such an interesting compound does not have more information on it. People on here constantly looking to drop weight quick after a bulk on anabolics and dnp can be used safely to help or drop into very low bodyfat area when coming into contest shape.


You are so mis-informed it hurts. Its the fucking internet thats to blame. Everyone reads what they can find on wikipedia and other sites through google. They see a limited subset of information and assume thats ALL there is to know.

DNP WAS fda approved as a weightloss drug. It was withdrawn from the market for two reasons, one was deaths associated with its very sensitive dose response curve, and two it was found to cause rapid development of cataracts in a large number of people. Did you know that?

Also, do you know what a mutagen is? Do you understand what a reproductive toxin is? These effects are unrelated to DNP's oxidative uncoupling effect. They are typical of phenols as a chemical class of compounds. Phenols of a wide variety of substitutions are known among chemists for their toxic properties. The most basic phenol is a lethal poison in small(ish) quanities and can be absorbed through the skin. It has toxic effects in multiple organs, and if you were to consume a lethal dose it is probably one of the more creative ways to die. You won't find that on wikipedia or google. You'd actually have to read a textbook.

Yes DNP has amazing fat loss properties, but your risk/benefit analysis is flawed due to your severe lack of information. That's also why you are probably being denied posting the article you mentioned. Nobody with any common sense and a good grasp of the american legal system wants any responsibility for encouraging people to make decisions that may very well lead to serious consequences. And its bullshit to compare DNP to steroids, they are a whole order of magnitude safer.


it's a "metabolic poison" because it impairs energy production, which is precisely the effect people take it for. In the same way, people inject botox into their faces because it's an extremely powerful neurotoxin. Poisons interfere with normal processes and sometimes that's exactly the end being desired.

Fatal overdose is quite rare. There were a total of 3 case reports in the US and 3 case reports in foreign counties.

the likely hood getting cataracts is in the region of 0.1% and possibly lower for males, research has shown supplementing like vit c/e helps tremendously here also. I think around 2 men total got cataracts who took dnp.

check out all the protective stuff dnp does also.

At a low dosage of 200mg/day, you can increase your metabolic rate 30% and have minimal to no side effects. People often push the envelope, experience bad sides, and then blame the DNP, when they're the ones essentially choosing the unwelcome sides via an excessive dosage.

Not sure if Conciliator still posts here but he could answer a lot of questions on it, honestly look up a lot of research he has done on it and you will see that SAFE dose is possible with this substance and you will get tremendous gains. It is much safer then any other fat loss product imo and I from experiencing a few feel the least amount of sides with dnp also.


woops double post

moral of story is like I said everything is dose dependent. Be smart with dose and you will get great results and not experience bad sides.


it took down link showed about protective/beneficial effects of dnp so here it is

'I think it's admirable that you would recognize your lack of knowledge in this area and ask for more information. It's what any true philosopher (lover of wisdom) would do.

Here are a few random studies I just pulled out of my bookmarks. I've given a quick explanation if it's questionable what the point is:

Novel neuroprotective, neuritogenic and anti-amyloidogenic properties of 2,4-dinitrophenol: the gentle face of Janus.

This landmark paper obviously made an effort to change the widespread misperception that DNP is only dangerous and toxic It points to protective effects in the brain, possible treatments for neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's, and even extension of lifespan.

The mitochondrial uncoupler 2,4-dinitrophenol attenuates tissue damage and improves mitochondrial homeostasis following transient focal cerebral ischemia.

This is one of many studies showing that DNP is protective in models where blood flow is interrupted (stroke, heart attack) and then restored. Usually there is a massive release of oxidative stress when this happens. DNP greatly limits this.

Regulation of human male germ cell death by modulators of ATP production.

This study shows that DNP prevents germ cell apoptosis (death). This is the same thing testosterone does. When apoptosis is accelerated, you get all kinds of fertility problems. Looks like DNP may actually help here, depending on the mechanism behind the irregular apoptosis.

Energy requirement for degradation of tumor-associated protein p53.

p53 is a transcription factor recognized as having anti-cancer effects in cells. There's only good news here with regards to DNP, as DNP has been shown to increase p53 expression. This has been shown both directly in this study and also via AMPK, which DNP clearly activates. AMPK is likely the mechanism through which DNP exerts this anti-cancer effect.

The mitochondrial uncoupling agent 2,4-dinitrophenol improves mitochondrial function, attenuates oxidative damage, and increases white matter sparing in the contused spinal cord.

This paper showed that pretreatment with DNP significantly reduced the damage from a bruising injury to the spinal cord. Again, this has to do with a reduction in oxidative stress.

This is just a handful of dozens of papers. There are more showing positive effects on mitochondrial stability, prevention of atherosclerosis, and all sorts of other things that natural uncpupling proteins are involved in. Just jump on pubmed and look at related papers. '


You can't argue that DNP is completely safe when taken properly because there are risks. I think one could argue that it's "safe enough" when used properly though, especially if cataracts can be prevented with antioxidant supplementation in those who are susceptible-which studies have shown it has done-. It should also be noted that DNP cataracts are easily removed with surgery. It's important to realize that in the 1930's obesity was not considered a health problem. It was considered a cosmetic issue. At the time, the FDA was weighing the potential dangers against the seemingly superficial cosmetic benefits. Today, however, obesity is recognized as a monumental health problem.

So what you have are some major changes in the risk/benefit calculation. There's increased recognition of the health benefits in light of the dangers of obesity. At the same time, you have a possible reduction in the primary risk, catracts, if they can be prevented with antioxidant supplementation. I think one could strongly argue that the most effective fat burner in the history of mankind certainly has a place in the treatment of obesity. It could be argued that the health benefits of losing weight and reducing blood pressure quickly (which DNP does exceptionaly well) far outweigh the risks of cataracts and extremely isolated idiosyncratic reactions.


the benefits of DNP don't change the risks..

ephedrine may have killed 200 people but its not a fair comparison considering its been used a lot more. I'm sure if you expressed the risk as a percentage of users that die the dnp would be much higher.

the general negative view of DNP is NOT like the negative view of steroids. dnp is virtually unknown to most people and I can't see any motive for people greatly exaggerating the dangers of the stuff if it was really the "safest" fat burner ever like you claim it is.

ya know.. maybe its safer than some people think it is... but you're talking about it as if the risks were relative to taking a tylenol, or drinking a beer

i hope there isn't any desperate fat people reading this thread thinking dnp is this magical fat burning substance thats actually safer than ephedrine


This is further evidence of your complete ignorance with regard to science. None of those links work, but from the titles I'll just point out a few key points.

Are you about to have a stroke? In the immediate future? What about a heart attack? Since the answer is probably no, what use is any beneficial effect under these SPECIFIC, LIMITED and UNUSUAL biological circumstances? The answer is none whatsoever. Unless of course you are suggesting that people at a high risk of heart attach or stroke add some DNP to their statins. It is totally irrelevant to the average user.

DNP prevents apoptosis of germ cells. WOW. So whilst it is poisoning your reproductive system, and rearranging your gamete DNA, its keeping your germ cells alive and well. That's an excellent benefit right there. DNP is a MUTAGEN. Look it up. Mutagens are also commonly carcinogens, but DNP has not been assessed in this capacity.

Do you know what protein p53 is and how it suppresses tumor formation? If you knew, you'd realise that it does so by PREVENTING MUTATIONS. Now here's some elementary logic for you. If DNP is shown under experimental conditions to be a known mutagen, which is the dominant effect? Its' ability to cause mutations of course, which means that any up regulation of p53 is incidental.


I think you have a contused brain.


At most, some have speculated that DNP may be carcinogenic based on its phenol backbone. However, the evidence doesn't support that. DNP is AMES negative for mutagenicity and negative for genotoxicity both in vitro and in vivo. There are no case reports of cancer in the half million or so people who took it in the 1930's. There is some question about the metabolites of DNP, but what we know about DNP itself is that it's not an overt carcinogen. The EPA has NOT classified 2,4-dinitrophenol for potential carcinogenicity.


fixed the links in order from what I posted