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DNP + Tren + Test + EQ + Clen

Going to drop fat while possibly building some muscle?
Or at least not loose any.

Age- 33
Height- 191 cm
Weight- 105 kg

So I am a veteran gym goer since 16 on and off and recently it has been more off than on, add a lot of McDonald’s KFC and scotch to that and you have one chubby motherlover.

Gonna get back in shape and i have set a goal for myself to get lean and maybe even more jacked at the same time if that’s humanly possible.

I heard tren can make that happen, I have done every compound on the regimen multiple times and at high doses except for trenbolone, this will be my first time messing with tren so it will be interesting.

As far as dosages go I will start off with the following:

Test p: 100 mg eod
tren a: 50 mg eod
Eq: 900 - 600 mg ew
Clen: 20- 60 mg ed
dnp: 500- 400 mg Ed

Cycle length is going to be between 4-6 weeks.
Towards the end of the cycle I will double the teen and test for the last week or two as I remove the dnp.

I have done dnp at doses of up to 750mg per day with amazing results so I am not concerned about it, however the tren might be an issue, I will see how I feel after a while if I want to increase that or not.

I will post before and after pictures at the end of the cycle.

Wow. Clen and DNP at the same time. That’s a lot of risk to take simply to make up for a shitty diet. You sure you need this level of instant gratification? Because I bet you can get where you want to be without taking that much risk.

I ALWAYS run clean when I’m doing dnp, it’s mostly to combat lethargy. I don’t run high levels of clean just enough to get me out of bed and in the gym. Also I try to stay away from caffeine as it will raise my blood pressure.

And one more thing I forgot to mention is I’m walking every day on the treadmill inclined for half an hour to burn some extra calories.

As far as how many I intake I don’t count, I just eat untill I’m full whenever I’m hungry, high protein medium carb and low fat

I should mention also my diet is consisting of rice, chicken, broccoli, carrot, leafy greens, dried and fresh fruit, protein shakes, and occasionally I will indulge in some from a restaurant such as curry or kebab or hamburger, but I will try and eat that with some veggies to make it more healthy.
I should also mention that I am not planning on doing a super strict diet because from my experience you don’t need to while on dnp, plus I’m on fucking vacation so I’m bound to have a cheat meal every other day or so.

Omega 3
Vitamin c
Vitamin e
Vitamin D3
B complex

High blood pressure and headache experienced a few hours after the workout but some ibuprofen fixed it (the headache is due to inflammation from the clen).

Later that evening I slept like a baby for over twelve hours without waking up too often, woke up feeling pretty good.
Again with the “loud” dreams, this time they were of a somewhat unpleasant nature.
Woke up sweaty but not as bad as I could be.

Took another 20mg of clen and went to the gym, did arms this time (last time was chest and back) but didn’t get the same pump as last time, probably the dnp has started to really kick in by this point.
Finished off my workout with a run on the treadmill, around 5 minutes was all I managed, but I felt like I gave it all I had because I felt nausea straight after and then euphoria after a while.

Fast forward 12 hours later and I have taken my second shot of test+ tren.
No cough, just a burn like injecting acid which lasted for less than an hour.

Ok, I started a few days ago so let me give you an update:

I just finished recovering from let’s call it an illness (possibly Corona) and I was in bed for a week out of which five of those days I didn’t eat or sleep and vomiting and diarrhea (barley was able to drink any water during this time).
Needless to say I was very malnurited- after eating properly for three days I started attending the gym slowly and after three more days I had started to feel better.

That is when I took my first shot of eq (happened to have some at home) and two days later I came to Thailand to focus on my training and supply myself with gear.

After having the eq in my system for a couple of days now it was time to incorporate the test and then.

Very painful shot 100mg test p 50mg teen a.
Also started taking 250mg of dnp every 12 hours from then on.

Had only slept 3 hours the previous night due to jetlag and possibly the eq?

The following night post teen injection I slept also only 3 hours.
Dreams where VERY “loud” and it almost felt like I wasn’t getting any “deep” sleep.
However I wasn’t able to sleep more.

Took 20mg of clen before the gym.
Gym session the following day I was very tired and felt like I had absolutely zero adrenaline during the workout maybe due to cortisol suppression.
Strength was through the roof and the pump was pretty good, but water retention was extreme probably due to the dnp and the fact that there is no AC at the gym I go to.

Anybody Posting: asks question
Every responder: you sure you want to do all that sounds like you can get their with proper diet and exercise.

Well, good luck and may your heart be strong lol, if you can run tren clen and dnp you might be blessed with an extremely strong body.

If I run that I will die in 2 weeks, I would never risk those 3 together not even for a photoshoot or contest.

dude, tren raises blood pressure WAY more than a few cups of coffee a day.

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i don’t think that tren raises blood pressure ! no water retantion so how it will raises the BP ?

Giano: thanks for the tip, I will be respectful for the tren and adjust accordingly. Perhaps that is the reason for my almost fainting at Tesco yesterday.

Hopefully lowering the dnp by 100mg and shortening my cardio session in the evening will be enough.

If not maybe I will cut back slightly on the tren, also I will cut out the dnp or go down to 200mg per day before I raise the tren dose.

Update: I felt like pure shit last night, did my weights in the morning and in the evening incline walking on the treadmill, after that took my evening dose of dnp and went shopping and after that to a friend’s house for some errands. Took another 600mg of eq.

Anyway I felt like pure shit, worst than ever before. Woke up today feeling amazing like I normally do while on steroids, I think the teen is contributing to the shitty feeling because I haven’t taken any last night.

So guys like I said this is an experiment, and that is the reason why I chose to do a log, if I die than you know not to do the same regimen.

As for clen I am definitely not going over 20mg per day and I will loser the dose of dnp to 400mg per day to avoid the side effects I had last night where I was really concerned for a while.

Also I’m limiting my exposure to unnecessary strain because I’m on vacation I don’t really have any other obligations to do anything except workout, and went I’m in my hotel room I don’t really feel any discomfort.

Try doing 25mg ed pins instead of 50mg eod for more stability in blood and overal mood, mental health.

Not everyone has this issue but when some people including myself to Tren EOD, it makes me a mess emotionally, like im not really the same person mood switch by the day, could very well be because of the spikes and drops in levels.

Also for me personally Tren was always plenty to lose fat, with clen for sure, Tren is really good at utilizing every carb you eat and preventing it from being stored as fat, of course if you eat pizza every day it would be harder but in general its quite good at assisting fat loss.

Probably with dnp you’d lose faster but man you’re brave, maybe I just have a weak heart, I can’t even handle clen over 20 or I feel like I’m gonna die :laughing:

The pain from injection tren is almost worst than the mood swings, I can even sit on my motorcycle without skwirming around, but I will give it a shot.

As for clen: yes I agree this is probably the one that is most heavy on the heart, I can manage high levels but I think I will stick to 20mcg untill I cut out the dnp.

Albeit probably placebo I find q10 helps my blood pressure heart beat, so I take a lot of that.

Update: work out this morning was alright I guess, actually now that I think of it I only did three exercises so maybe you can consider it half ass.

Some guy at the gym was being loud and obnoxious to the point where I’m considering taking action against him, maybe it’s the trenbolone?

I just took my shot of tren test, I decided to take
Gianos advice and pin every day so I did roughly 25mg tren and 50mg test.
Funny thing is I totally knicked a vein because I was pouring rediculous amounts of blood from the injection site (leg day) but even though I had absolutely no tren cough.
Maybe because I mixed the two compounds thoroughly together in the same syringe?

Anyways, I skipped cardio for this evening and I will probably take my evening dnp after I come back, because I’m going out with friends and I don’t want to be too sweaty even though it’s bound to happen but at least I will minimize the damage that way.

Ok so last night I ended up having a couple San Miguel lights and because of that had to leave early.
Fell asleep as soon as I got to my hotel and woke up in a pool of sweat. Also I had severe restless leg syndrome which meant I only slept like three hours, took a bunch of stuff that was supposed to be helpful (which it was ) got re hydrated and took a swim.

Afternoon nap and just took a shot of test tren, little did I know that it would hit me like a rubber bullet. I managed to fight the urge to cough and focused on deep breathing, the tingling in my hands, the burning pain around the injection site and the dizziness were nothing to mess with.

It was literally five minutes ago and I am lying on the bed waiting to be able to get up because I have a friend waiting for me downstairs.

Gonna take a few more laps in the pool on an empty stomach, I had 400mg of dnp today already as I missed a 200 mg dose last night and took around 30 mcg of clen.

Guys I underestimated trenbolone, this stuff is nasty. I managed to fight the urge to cough but the sensation was unpleasant accompanied by tingling in the hands and extreme light headedness.

It was so bad I realized I passed out last night while I was half way through writing this message :sweat_smile:,
Anyway today I feel much better more calm mood is stable and all is as it should be.

I am not looking forward to injecting that crap inside me later on tonight, but I guess it’s better this way.

Workout was decent, dnp prevented me from lifting that heavy and getting a serious pump but it still felt pretty good, had a buffet after the gym session with only meat and veggies.

Workout today was awesome with high intensity, later this evening I injected into my upper middle buttock because the injection site from previous days were still swollen and painful. Went very good except now two hours later my entire buttock is like on fire. What can this be from?

EQ on a 4-6 week cycle?

Do this on you’re stack and you’ll probably drop dead… You can’t do five minutes of cardio, how do you possibly expect to be able to fight?

I don’t think you’re quite aware of the potential short and long term rammifications this particuar cycle has. Just because you survive doesn’t equate to “well… No damage done”

There’s no amount of exercise, diet and training that can seriously mitigate the risks stemming from a DNP+Clen cycle

Anyone not competing who attempts this cycle is either an idiot or has a death wish…

You’re not feeling shit because of “cortisol supression” or whatever… You’re feeling like shit because you’re poisoning yourself… And good God man, a few drinks is fine, alcohol can be incredibly enjoyable come the right time/place. But that time/place isn’t while you’re on DNP, Clen, Tren and EQ…

Underestimating trenbolone… You’re underestimating just about everything you’re using here aside from EQ.

This should be grounds to stop in itself… This is the epitomy of irresponsible usage, why clen AND dnp? This is some weightliftingwithoitlimits level irresponsibility.

To simply put it, DNP causes cells to use heat instead of ATP as energy. You’re in a constant state of hyperthermia (both clen and DNP raise body temp, but DNP is substantially more potent at doing so)… Look up the consequences that can stem from hyperthermia.

If you dose too high… Even once, you’ll cook you’re organs from the inside out. Sure, lower dosages probably won’t kill you (it might, drug induced response can dramatically differ from person to person) but condoning DNP use at a dose somewhat below the purported LD50 is like saying “the LD50 of cyanide taken orally is 1.52mg/kg, so I can get away with 1mg/kg”.

Check you’re resting heart rate. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s well over 100. DNP is one of the few PED’s that is acutely very toxic (insulin being another as one overdose can induce lethal comsequence)… we have no antidote for DNP poisoning. Seriously man, you’re playing with fire.