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DNP Side-Effects

I was just wondering if any other people who have tried it can give me some input here.

I tried DNP for a few days about a year and a half ago, and most of the side-effects Anthony Roberts mentions on his article here (My DNP Inferno) were all there, and occurred within hours of my first dose only not anywhere near as bad as his.

This time around, I took twice the dosage (400mg) of last time but haven’t really experienced any side-effects, and it’s been over 24 hours now. Given, the first time I took it I didn’t think about taking plenty of anti-oxidants, and wasn’t in great cardiovascular shape.

This batch is allegedly capsuled with its own blend of anti-oxidants already, and I’ve been taking plenty of water and supplements on the side. I honestly don’t even feel an elevation in core body temperature. Maybe I’m just lucky?

Here’s a copy and paste on the subject.

  1. PLEASE remember that DNP is not “felt” right away, for most
    people. Occasionally, guys will tell me that they sense an increase
    in body heat after the first capsules, but this is RARE. You should
    begin with 1 capsule/day for 4 days to assess tolerance and
    determine if you have any allergies to it (allergies are RARE and
    annoying but not dangerous. They consist of a rash that is relieved
    with Benadryl). After the fourth day, you may increase your dose,
    but NOT by more than one additional cap per day.

  2. Because of #1, I take it as a bad omen when some people write me
    and say “Dude, I’m on day three and not feeling it. Is your stuff
    underdosed?” No, the stuff is dosed perfectly–I interpret that
    question as evidence that the user has not fully researched the
    effects of DNP. Please bear in mind that it can take several days
    before the full effect is felt. It is a BIG mistake to assume that
    if you’re “not feeling it” by day three, you should just stack on a
    much heavier dose. DON’T!! Be patient, and never increase your dose
    by more than a single extra capsule.

  3. Although I suggest 1 cap/day pre-loading, it is rare that 1
    cap/day will ultimately be an effective dose, except in females.
    Most males find that 2-3 caps/day is their “sweet spot.”

Wow, it’s a good thing I stuck with just 2 capsules. I was actually considering tossing a 3rd one in. I researched about 4 sources in depth, bu to my misfortune, 2 were by the same author and the other two didn’t say much more than the other ones. Thanks a lot.