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DNP Results


The first time I used DNP, it was probably the worst thing I could have done for my physique. I lost a ton of muscle. No matter what anyone says about DNP being muscle-sparing, trust me, it isn't. Dont't even think about using it for PCT because of the "anabolic rebound". The second time around though, I added 40mg Tbol ed. I did 7 days of Di's DNP at 500mg ed. This time, no muscle loss at all! Overall lost 5 pounds of fat. So my conclusion is, always use AAS with DNP, and you will be very happy with the results. It's a good thing to do at the end of any bulking cycle. If you have a good diet, you can lose all the fat you've gained in months of bulking, in one week.

Now, I am bulking on the anabolic diet, and if I manage to put on some mass with very little fat gain, the next time I use DNP I will be ripped!


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So tell me, how did you like feeling like your entire body was burning from the inside-out?

I did 10 days of 400mg a few months back for the same purpose of dropping all the fat I gained from bulking. I didn't start feeling anything until day 3.

DNP is highly effective, no question about it. But to anyone out there who's considering using it... I'd much rather take the time and put in the effort over a longer period than endure days of torching myself.

Although it's a tempting shortcut, I must admit.


LOL I want it! :smiley:


Well the thing about the heat is, if you adjust your environment, you can get to the point where you're not sweating at all. For example, most people were wearing coats outside as it was something like 37F. I wore a t-shirt and felt perfect. At night, I left my window open, and didn't sleep under the blankets. Doing this, I felt no intense heat at all. The only negative side effect I had was of course, drastically decreased energy levels. I didn't bother going to the gym that week. I would say I probably lost less fat since I kept myself cool all the time, but I'd say it's a fair tradeoff.


T234, talking about results...
can i know your stats before and after DNP?
Do you think it works also for "fatter" guy?
I'm around 15%... i would like to drop to 10%bf... it means around 10lbs... Can DNP be a valid shortcut?


T234: Agreed. I'd never use it during summertime. Only in very cold seasons, otherwise life just sucks.


5'8 185 - 14%bf to 179. Should be at 11% now if my calculations are right. Lost a notch on my belt buckle which is what I was hoping for.

DNP certainly could get you from 15% to 10%...it could get you from 30% to 10% - but you will have to be on it longer than a week. I know I just said in my previous post that the sides were very tolerable, but you do feel like shit, and it's not fun being weak as a baby.

You also have to keep in mind that you will just put the fat back on unless you change diet. I ran the cycle to A) lose the fat I gained from the last 3 months of fairly high carb bulking. and B) as an incentive to stay on the anabolic diet which I have just started. I don't plan on ever putting that fat back on ever in my life.

Whatever you do though, just remember, do not run the DNP without AAS.


Thanks for the info.
By now i'm on a "cutting" diet profile. I'm losing about 4lbs/month of fat.

As you do i'm looking for a "motivation jump". I never been under 15%bf.. :wink:

by now i'm ~205lbs


I honestly think DNP is one of the most important tools in a physique enthusiasts arsenal. Spending months upon months cutting, and using a ton of stimulants like clen & ephedrine is really not a great idea for anyone. The thing that holds most guys back is getting too fat while bulking, and then losing all the muscle they gained trying to cut it off. With DNP + a very mild AAS, you can cut the fat, and get back to training. Combine the DNP use at the end of bulking cycles, with a solid diet that won't store very much fat, and you will well on your way to being big and lean.

BTW name changed. Tired of having a name that looks like something a computer made up haha.


I've wondered why people don't just take a lower dose but for a longer time. With less side effects wouldn't this make more sense?


From what I have heard it is just not as effective to run dnp like that, though I wondered the same thing. My girlfriend (119 pounds )just finished 2 weeks of 250 mg,she says her biggest side was lack of aroebic capacity and nothing else really.that is intersting as well though as on a mg per # basis she is even with me???????????


Even at 250mg ed, I can't really lift weights, so I have to pack as much punch as I can in the shortest amount of time off from lifting.

You can also look at it this way: It is very unlikely you can gain muscle on DNP at any dose. If by quadrupling the dose I can lose as much fat in 1 week, as I can in 4 weeks, that's an extra 3 weeks where I can gain muscle.

I believe the reason the low dose is as fatiguing as higher doses, is because even 250mg will shut down T3 levels. If you were to do a long run, I would supplement with T3. This will not cause T3 suppression post cycle, as you are just replacing the natural amounts. You will be more catabolic though, and warmer as well.


Just read the meso profile on this stuff and it sounds like a bitch. It says there is no upper limit on the heat increase your body experiences, so I'm wondering what kind of dosage you'd need to, as the profile says, "cook yourself from the inside".


"cook yourself from the inside".

About time someone mentioned that line.

Seriously all praise for DNP??

I heard the same - that this guy on Long Island couldnt be saved even though he was ICUed before the concentrations in the body bolted exponentially.

If its not akin to dousing your body in oil-rig, 3rd deg burns, I'm in.

Concentrations quickly reach dangerous levels is what I keep hearing - as with all phenols.

Didnt workers in phenol factories go blind or something back when industrial safety standards werent up to par?

Care to clarify?


The 36 hour half life can be confusing to some people, as concentrations of DNP will stabilize at a point higher than the actual daily dose. Saying that, you absolutely have to start at the lowest dose and increase gradually - this is the same as with any powerful drug. Doing this, it is virtually impossible to have problems, unless another contributing factor such as your environment changes.

Anyone who has died from DNP, did so because of careless use. And I believe the guy that everyone talks about that died, was in a hot club drinking booze.


I'm on day 11 now of a 2 week dnp cycle,500mg a day 250mg x 2 runnunig it with test e, tren e,eq, winnie, and drol. I think all of the horror stories are just that. Yeah ya got hot, kinda uncomfortable but not unbearable for about three hours after taking then it kind of levels off, sweat like crazy and yes light colored clothes and sheets turn yellow from the sweat, body odor is...offensive and dont even think of cardio as your regular workout will leave you feeling like you just ran a mile.

your regular workouts will also be reduced to about 50% of the wieght you were using, in 10 days i have lost 12 pounds,increasing to 625mg today and tomorrow and finishing with 500. I have noticed no muscle loss and still manage a little pump in the gym. Since july 1 i have lost 40 pounds and looking for the last 5 in the next 3 days.

All in all I love the stuff! oh btw at my hottest most uncomfortable my body temp was 98 degrees!so I think the cooking from the inside out,pure crap and is probably in reality heat stroke due to dehydration...I go through at least 2 gallons of water etc a day


Exactly bro. In fact body temp on DNP often lowers because of the decrease in T3 levels. Dehydration is the only major concern in realistic doses. Obviously if you are sweating a lot the water needs to be replaced. People have died of heat exhaustion/dehydration from sports. We don't blame the activity they were doing, we blame their water consumption.

In regards to the yellow coming out of your skin: I was worried about this before my first DNP cycle. I didn't want to be ruining expensive work dress shirts and sheets. After a fair amount of research, I came to the conclusion that this side effect is dependent on what type of DNP you are taking. Powdered will cause secretion, crystalline will not.


Well there is the possiblity of cataracts when exposed to extreme dose over very long periods of times. The workers you are referring to were exposed to massive amounts for 10-14 hours a day.The same condition was found in miners who were in charge of dynamite and blasting.

For our purposes perhaps 3gr of pyruvate and 1000mg quercitin daily should provide sufficient occular protection while on a reasonable dnp cycle? just my .02


Does anybody have experience with say 200mg/day for an extended period of time?
Would 100mg/day even be effective? Could a dose that low be taken for a longer period of time?