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DNP Only Cycle


Hey guys. I've been on this site a while but forgot my login ,ect.

I'm running a 21 Day DNP cycle at 200 mg/s the first 3 days to access my tolerance and then 400mg's per day for the remainder. Is it okay if I put this here or does it need to go somewhere else? Already on my third day.... Will post more once I know this is the place to post, as well as what I have gone through the last 72 hours.


All right hang with me, i'm doing this from my phone since my laptop is down.

I've been doing research on DNP for about 6 years now and decided that if it ever came down to it and I needed to lose the weight for my job(my job involves me to look and be in great shape) that I would do it. 9 months ago I tore my Pec completely. I put on a bunch of body fat, it was so hard to get back into it. So i decided to give DNP a good go.

I'm 24 years old 285, 6ft 4, around 10-12% bodyfat when I am in decent shape. After my injury, i blew up to 320 without any cardio or lifting(obviously with the pec). I started lifting again and the injury impacted every part of my workouts. I gave it 3 months of dieting, cardio, ect. I got down to right around 300. It became time to attempt this cycle.

I am running a DNP, ECA stack.

ECA will remain the same for the whole cycle. It consists of 25 Mgs Eph, 200 mg's caffeine and 200 mg's asprin.

Diet will consist of 40-20-40 unless i feel i need more carbs.

As for the DNP I wanted to map out a cycle, but with all these horror stories, i was rather scared to stay on too long. So i'm actually going to take it on a day to day basis.

DNP i started on Friday at around 12pm in the afternoon. I did not notice any sides what so ever until right around 10 pm. I slept kind of odd to be honest but I am pretty sure it was me being inside my own head.

Day two was Sat- same time- 200mgs. I was so tired but I'm not adding it up to the DNP yet. I am pretty sure it was from just not getting a good nights rest. i felt a little warm right around 8 pm but other than that nothing. My sleep was screwed again for the first night it was a bit odd? I was sleeping, but I was aware of every second of it. So I woke up around 11, took some Nyquil, and slept like a baby the remainder of the evening.

Day three was Sunday - ran the same thing 200mgs just this time, I ate whatever i wanted Pizza, 2 gallons of water, ect. Nyquil'd it up again, and slept like a baby. I had energy out the ying yang to be honest with you all day sunday. The funny thing is I weighed in on Sat morning on an empty stomach ad 299. I weighed myself after Sunday after drinking 2 gallons of water, and eating everything in sight... I weighed myself at -9 pm and i was 4 pounds less...... I thought that was rather odd...

Monday I took 200mg's at 12 and 200 mgs of dnp at 8 pm. Today I felt a little warmer. So far I think the sides are what you make them? I don't drink, I don't do anything like that and I don't get myself too hot. Don't get me wrong, i was in the gym wearing a sweatshirt and as soon as I got in there after my first rep I was dripping so I took it off, I cooled off right away.

One thing I noticed right away was if I was sleeping under the covers at night and my heart rate was at rest, I was more COLD than anything believe it or not.

I will update from here on out every day .

So far I am really weary of the sides but as of actually taking it four days, i should've had the worst sides ever. If this is how it stays(knock on wood) I would rather take this stuff then ever running clen, t3, ect.... The only problem is you'll never know what it is doing to you long term or internally.


Day 5.

400mgs again today.

Diet was strict. No energy loss with the help of ECA stack. feeling great actually. I am sweating a lot but I do not feel hot? Had a very important meeting with a client/sponsor and was completely capable of getting through it without any sort of problems. I do feel my stomach shrinking, can't wait to get home and check the weight. I did however attempt to cut one of the tabs open and see what it was like last night. I quickly washed my hands had no staining.... The next morning I woke up my hands were glowing bright yellow- this stuff is impossible to get off.

All in all for 5 days, I should be at peak with side effects and to be honest, this stuff "feels" better than clen/t3.

Got through a 2 hour workout no problem. The sweating(i like to sweat) actually helped me stay pumped and keep the muscles warm. absolutely NO PROBLEMS what so ever maintaining pumps. Will follow up.


DNP is for retards. Its poison. And considering how dangerous it is, you are a retard for doubling the dose.
I just don't get it at all, why the fuck would anyone bother with this when you can lose the weight the "normal" way with less dangerous alternatives is beyond me.


I would never even consider using T3 for weightloss.

DNP is not a practical nor usable drug in my opinion.

You seem like you understand the scope of the consequences, best of luck, but you will not find it a popular drug on this board, we dont dabble in the more extreme side of things, guys here are well educated and general stick to "moderate" usage by many board's standards.


Thanks. Sorry about that I'm not here to make anyone mad .


Not angry at all.

Simply stating, throw it away, DNP is a fools compound to be sure.

Clen, ECA...there are options that are nearly as effective and not as dangerous.


Anger isn't the right word. Despair is more fitting. I just find it tragic that people get so desperate to lose weight that they will resort to taking something as dangerous as DNP. I don't think anyone in their right mind would use it if they fully understand all the risks and how it works. When DNP was originally introduced as a diet pill, one of the reasons it was withdrawn was that even short term use was associated with caract development. And of course the other major side effect, DEATH.

You can lose the weight with diet and exercise dude, and another good fat burning combo, caffeine and nicotine.


DNP does not stress you'r heart as much as stims do, I prefer DNP over stims and t3/t4.

low dosage for extended period of time with tight diet gives results that no stack of clen/ec can compare too in "sensible dosages"

14 days, lost 12 lb's 4 inches of waist, abit stronger than before.

DNP is all over
BB'ing no point in denying it, it is staple fatloss drug for many competing BB's.

I like how ppl pop 200mcg clen ED with caffeine ECA t3's and when they hear about DNP they scream POISON!

yea dnp is a metabolic poison.

the range for deadly overdose is as low as 20mg/kg BW.

I use 140mg crystal DNP2 ED, yea I do cardio train and keep a tight diet, to many ppl assume you eat like shit when using DNP.

ofc you do when you use dosages at 400-800mg ED, because your body will be screaming for carbs due to the extreme effect on your metabolism.


Its not just a metabolic posion, all phenols are toxic and can cause organ damage. Some are more dangerous than others in this regard.

And wikipedia isn't the best place to get your information. The lowest reported lethal dose in humans is 4.3mg/kg.

And again a lack of understanding is clear, what exactly do you mean by your body is screaming for carbs? You think carbs are the antidote to DNP posioning?


I havea friend who dies if he takes 50mg's of aspirin by your logic it should never ever be used.

body is screaming for carbs because you drive your body into such a low kcal decefeit its no antidote to dnp poisoning that you eve try to suggest so makes you look like a fool.

still fact : thousands of ppl have used dnp, and thousands and thousands more will, by this retarted attitude the lack of knowledge of dnp is still rampant.

I really don't care about your arguments since they do not apply to me just as im not allergic to aspirin.

car crashes alone kills more ppl than dnp ever will, NEVER BUY A CAR YOU CAN DIE!

so going by "it is dangerous" argument wont work sorry.

tired of this shit, yea be careful when using dnp as with everything else do not go overboard, fuck you can buy 1kg bulk powder of caffeine, take 20grams of caffeine and come back and report how you feel, should everyone stop drinking coffe?

I use dnp, at low dosages on diet not combined with t3/t4 clen eca etc, for a few weeks.

I prefer it over clen and ECA.

I prefer dnp over stims for these followin reasons :

NO Insomnia due to elevated heart rate.

NO cramps due to less stress on CNS, does not apply when you use higher dosages of DNP.

NO elevated BP

It is more effective.