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DNP For Female

can anyone give me information regarding this chemical and female use? My girl is looking into it very closely and I’m just trying to get a step up on her. If anyone has or knows a woman that has experimented with this chemical, please share your experience.

Read this thread:

DNP isn’t just something to “try and see if it works” - you can die the first time off just one dose if you don’t know what you are doing.

Get her a diet and training program instead - and if really wanting to try a supplement then I would recommend something safer and legal such as HOT-ROX.

Thanks, but I know this is very very dangerous and can cook you from the inside out. Not to mention some people have allergic reactions to this chemical.

I’m just asking if anyone has had any first hand experiences with this chemical.? Or knows a female who has used it in the past. Thanks

Is she a bodybuilder or fitness competitor?
Does she work out and diet correctly?

Just curious because it amazes me the lengths some people will go to for a shortcut.

[quote]rsg wrote:
DNP isn’t just something to “try and see if it works” - you can die the first time off just one dose if you don’t know what you are doing.

This is totally false. No one has ever died off one cap of DNP. AR’s article here on it is laughed at by people who have actually used DNP.

Saying that, I wouldn’t recommend it to girls because it is known to cause permanent damage to cells. Most are replaced, but some, including a female?s eggs could be permanently damaged. This isn’t the case for men because sperm are constantly replaced.

Summer time also isn?t the time to be taking DNP. I?m too hot when I?m outside normally ? DNP would suck!

DNP is overdramatized on its effects. It’s a very powerful and potentially dangerous drug, but not to the point where “if you’re off just a little, YOU’LL DIE!!”. If you take too big of a dose the main consequence is you’ll be a sorry SOB for a couple of days.

I have taken it several times so I’m talking from experience. I’ve heard that in women it can potentially affect their reproductive abilities, but I don’t have any references to back that up.

As far as the YOUR DIE!!! stuff goes, I don’t know about that, I wouldn’t recommend it personally, but know many who use it. Not saying it is safe by any means either, just that responsable use appears to be so.

As far as the women using it part, DNP has been shown to cause permanant damage to the female eggs! Now I’m sure you know that women are born with all of the eggs they are going to have for the rest of their lives, unless I’m mistaken. I can and will come back and post some studies so it’s not just me.

Given the little I know as far as DNP and females - I would never suggest or let one use it unless they were “fixed” or sterile, as the potential damages will reach beyond them.