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DNP Cycle Right After T3 Cycle

Hey everyone,

I will be running a t3 cycle for 2-3 weeks with increased cardio and usual high protein diet.

however I wanted to know what thoughts were anout dnp cycle following this? If i dont reach goals with the t3 is it ok to immediately start a dnp cycle?

ive done t3 before but not dnp.

was gona do a 10-14 day dnp cycle after the t3 cycle if i havent reached goals.

wanted to clarify, i am not doing them together, one after the other with no break is the plan


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lol, ok mate should of said, my goals are to get down to about 8% bf, im between 13-15% right now.

I know both these eat muscle, but im prepared to lose mass, ill just keep up the protein. Im pretty big right now so dont mind losing a bit of mass.

i just wna know if the concept of doing this is dangerous in any way? i know about risks of both but does this risk INCREASE wen doing this kinda thing?

not been on aas before

cheerz for any ideas

anyone got any thoughts??

Have you tried something simpler and/or safer? Like an EC stack? I had really nice success with EC along with Lean Xtreme. Lost a consistent 2 pounds a week without any noticeable loss in muscle mass or strength.

I did no real cardio, just lifted 4 times per week, had a calorie deficit, and ate clean 6 days per week (Sat was my ‘cheat day’). 2 pounds per week might not sound like a lot compared to what happens to people on DNP, but you wouldn’t be poisoning yourself at least. Also if you figure at that rate, in 2 short months you could be down about 15 pounds which is pretty significant if you ask me. If you do it right you’d lose very little muscle mass.

If all you’re concerned about is what the scale says every morning then I guess it wouldn’t matter one way or the other. But if you were concerned with lowering your body fat percentage, losing muscle mass will make that a slower and much more costly process.