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DMZ Extreme - 6wk PCT Stack


what do you think?
I'm 23 205 5'10

Black Skull Labs KickStart
PES Erase
maybe Anabeta too?

how does that look?


Nobody knows wtf that shit is.

OTC "PCT" products are bullshit. Get a SERM.


Agree with above. Get the real stuff--with research chems it's not any more difficult or expensive to obtain. No reason to mess with BS supplements.




Is Black Skull Lab the sister lab from Captain America's Red Skull ?!

If so I want that stuff bro


I'm against prohormones. They are still steroids with all the same side effects. If you are scared of needles, stay away from AAS.


Isn't anyone else getting tired of the obvious marketing bullshit posts here?


I didn't think this was one of them because those are all different brands (I think). But yeah the guys with 1 post dropping lab names are really annoying.


whoa whoa, im new to the the PH scene. I'm not trying to spam.


I think they have nolva/clomid together available near by. You can't get that stuff online?
I am just trying to see what the best way to keep my gains would be.


Google up research chemicals, nolva and clomid are legal in liquid form for "research purposes"


I have been reading for about 6 weeks while on but those are the only Serms I have come across.
email me if there's something you cant post..


Huh? I don't know what you're trying to say.

You can buy nolvadex and clomid on the internet. They are legal if sold in liquid form because the FDA classifies them as research chemicals. Type "research chemicals tamoxifen" into google. Tamoxifen is Nolvadex.


I was just under the impression that there was a better SERM than nolva.


I've heard good things about toremepherine, but most people use Nolva. It works very well.


I just ordered clomid and nolva. Should I run them both together? I feel like gyno might be an issue so I wanted to take nolva for sure but I heard that your strength continues to increase with clomid.


nolva always works for me. i use it with clom.