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DMX Dog Fighting Thread


In case you haven't heard:


New evidence has been uncovered in the latest high-profile animal abuse case, this time involving rapper DMX.

In a report from KSAZ-TV in Phoenix, a further search of the property yielded three canine corpses, one of which "seemed to be burned." Also found -- "a large number of weapons, some drug paraphernalia, and a lot of cars that don't match the license plates." Y'all gonna make me lose my mind!

DMX's lawyer, Murray Richman, claims the rapper (real name Earl Simmons) hasn't been to his Arizona home for several months. Richman told TMZ, "Earl had a caretaker, who obviously wasn't taking care. Earl loves those dogs." No arrests have been made.

Here are more details:

I will keep everybody updated on this as it develops.

Mike Cruickshank


If you searched the property of my parents home you would find the remains of several dogs and cats, and various gold fish, hamsters, etc. I'm not making excuses for DMX, I don't really care about that guy one way or another. I just hate to see people get tried in the media. That's what the courts are for. Let's not jump to conclusions and hope that the justice system works.


I cannot argue that the justice system should be able to run it's course. However, your parents never put out a rap CD glorifying dog fighting (at least I don't think they did).


I've never listened to this guy's music. Does he glorify dog fighting? I didn't think dogfighting when I saw the cover of that CD, I thought "mean ass guard dog".

Don't get me wrong, if all the attention swirling around the Vick case lights a fire under law-enforcement's ass to put away a lot of dogfighting scum, I couldn't be happier. But anytime I smell media feeding frenzy, I get wary.


Exactly. MikeShank, I know you love your dogs, but I've really been hoping you wouldn't buy into all the media's bias as quickly as you seemed to (regardless of the fact that it turned out correct with Vick). Let's let this one run for a space please, before you call him guilty.

DMX has had past troubles with the law and animal cruelty, but never fighting. The worst he got was neglect. Don't get me wrong, that's bad, but it's not Vick bad. But there have been no arrests made, and no charges filed. In addition he's been away from the house for months on end.

Besides which, I get the feeling you're jumping on the bandwagon already because of the cd cover. It's a cd cover for a hip hop artist--if you were expecting anything except something deliberately offensive, you should be ashamed of yourself.

The "Year of the Dog" does NOT advocate or imply dog fighting. There are only 2 tracks on that that have any mention of dogs at all--Dog Love, and Walk these Dogs. Dog Love is about shagging women, and Walk these Dogs is about street violence and guns, not dogs.

And no, I don't care about DMX, I just feel like you're really not making any attempt to control your obvious bias. You're being led by the balls by the media, and I can't stand that.


Listen, I dont give a f**k what his excuse is.
If you have pets of any description you have taken on a responsibility for another life or lives. FULL STOP.
SO if you pay some care taker you have an obligation to check that he is doing his job.

These animals are not like cars that can be just ignored until you have time. They are living breathing feeling organisms and dogs in particular are pack animals.
Neglect is inexcusable.

I know it would be impossible but there should be away to weed out irresponsible people from owning animals or having children.


The guy supports using and dealing drugs and is supports gangs.
He is a low grade sack of shit


I agree. However, the natural response for somebody, ANYbody, who has hired someone to perform a service such as caretaking or investment/financial security is kind of to assume the job is getting done while you're away across the country or out of it. That's how all the embezzlement and stealing money/white collar crime happens. So if that's the case, I don't think you can blame DMX MORE than anyone else for assuming he was paying for something that was being taken care of.


Hate him for whatever you want man, that's fine. I was just trying to say I don't like feeding frenzies based on hearsay, and I HATE HATE HATE the media making news instead of reporting news and leading everyone by the balls. I can't stand it.


Well, hate is a strong word. Maybe a bit to strong for what I feel. Though the words I used about him were also extremely strong. Hell, for all I know his isn't even into that and just pretends to be for all the white kids who wish they were black kids.

Kind of like Biggie rapping about how he was so poor that he had to eat sardines for dinner every night despite the fact that his was like... 300 pounds overweight.

I also hate how the people in the media are a bunch of scavengers. In the town I live in and group up in there was a gang called "The Slingers". It was a gang which only white people were in. Which was odd because every other gang in this city has always been non white.

Anyhoo, they ended up beating a black guy to death in a place called Victoria park. When the media grabbed a hold of it they said that they killed him because he was black. Much later on it was found out that they killed him because he ripped them off for drugs...


Did you read the original post, Aragorn? He said nothing about the man's guilt, only the facts that were reported. You're getting on him for jumping to conclusions he never even jumped to.


Unfortunately, I wouldn't give the earlier stories much credibiility since most seemed to have come from celebrity gossip sites.

However, a couple a legit news organizations have started to pick up the story. As more updates come in I will post them.

Here is the celebrity/MTV links:


A raid on DMX�??s house in Arizona found three dog corpses and several unattended pitbulls outside. A search of the property yielded three canine corpses, one of which �??seemed to be burned.�?? Police also found �??a large number of weapons, some drug paraphernalia, and a lot of cars that don't match the license plates.�?? DMX's lawyer claims the rapper hasn't been to his Arizona home for several months and said in a statement:
�??Earl (DMX's real name) had a caretaker, who obviously wasn't taking care. Earl loves those dogs.�??
No arrests have been made yet, but what the hell is this? Is DMX taking dog care tips from Michael Vick? What was this caretaker doing that he didn�??t notice a dog being cremated? By the sun! I can�??t believe I�??m going to say this, but Britney Spears takes better care of her own children than this. Slightly. Maybe not. But at least none of her kids have been discovered dead and burned on the lawn yet. Yet


Deputies with the Maricopa County sheriff's office raided the Cave Creek, Arizona, home of rapper DMX on Friday morning (August 24), and according to a police spokesperson, 12 pit bulls were removed from the residence, all in bad condition. Police would not get into specifics but did say the animals are being tended to by veterinarians.
At this point, DMX (real name: Earl Simmons) has not been officially charged with any crime, but police are still investigating. DMX was not at his home at the time of the raid, during which police also discovered a large cache of weapons. Police do not believe the rapper is in Arizona but would like to question him as part of their investigation

Here ABC and Newsday report:

Simmons' lawyer, Murray Richman, said Simmons hasn't been in Arizona for at least two months and was "extremely disturbed" to hear the animals weren't being cared for properly.
"We had a caretaker that wasn't taking care, that's what happened," Richman said. "He loves dogs he loves these animals. Those dogs are practically his family."
Richman said he hadn't been notified of problems at the property until he learned of the raid Friday. Sheriff's officials said they had contacted another lawyer who works for DMX.
Arpaio said the deputies who served a search warrant at the home Friday seized 12 pit bulls tied up on the property and took them to an old jail that has been converted into an animal shelter.


PHOENIX - Sheriff's deputies raided the home of rapper DMX on Friday, seizing several pit bulls and finding the remains of three other dogs but making no arrests.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office received a tip more than a week ago about dogs being kept in inhumane conditions at the Phoenix-area home, said Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Detectives visited the home and then called one of the rapper's lawyers and told him that the conditions for the animals at the property needed to be improved or deputies would take action, Arpaio said. The dogs were not being fed or given water.


More money more problems....


you live in waterloo or kitchener. funny im from waterloo too.
All these "gangs" here arent real gangs though.


Wait, what? Why are there remains of pets in your parents home? I'm picturing decaying corpses and skulls laying around, but maybe you mean buried in the back yard or something? If it's the latter, and that's what the article is talking about, then I agree that's pretty weak evidence.


We had pets, they died, or got hit by a car, and we buried them in the yard.


If Vick is starting to rat I'm pretty sure DMX can be named as well as several other rappers and rap groups. I'm sure DMX is probably trying to clear out all his kennels by now.


Ok they said the dead dogs had been BURNED not put in the ground! I do believe we are all smart enough to make the distinction between putting a loved pet in the ground and burning one and leaving the corpse out in the open!! So stop talking about the dead pets at your parents�?? house, not to mention do your parents keep illegal firearms and stolen vehicles with your dead pets?

Sorry if I come off a bit rash but don't go making excuses for this guy. The dog fighting is bad enough but guns and stolen cars, WTF? This dude should have plenty of money, yet he still acts like he's in the ghetto trying to make a living off of stealing other peoples stuff!

Ok so lets assume the best, the caretaker used the property to 1)hide stolen cars, 2)hide his illegal guns and 3)used DMX's dogs for dog fighting. I think DMX should then go to jail for being a dumbass and not watching out of his stuff, let alone trusting someone like that to take care of things.

But come'on his lawyer said he hadn't been there. What the hell did you expect his lawyer to say if he was guilty? "Yes my client is one sick ass MF who likes to kill dogs and think he's cool by shooting people" Yea not going to happen.


What article was this that listed illegal fire arms? and stolen vehicles? or even Dogs that appeared to be injured from dog fighthing?
From what I see you have a whole paragraph of twisted facts? Then people wonder why others get mad at the media?


I guess you have not followed DMX all that carefully. Just do a Google search for "DMX arrests" and it's not at case of the media making things up. I mean, for the love of God... the guy has millions of records sold and he attempts a carjacking at JFK while high.

That being said, I like his music. But him as a person? Yikes.