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Sorry to bother with this but the abbreviation DMSO keeps coming up and I don’t know what it is! I assume it is an oil, but why is it different than any other topical or organic oil, such as baby oil or vegetable oil, for that matter. Thanks for the imput. Kev

Veterinary linament mostly. Dimethylsulfoxide. Not 100% sure about spelling but not long after application you’ll get a funky taste in you’re mouth.

DSMO, can’t remember what it stands for but here’s what I know about it. I was complaining about some bone bruises to a friend (see one of my other posts) and she told me about DSMO. I heard they use it on horses but the story she told me is that it’s a solvent that was used to dissolve rust off of boxcars on the train tracks. The workers who were applying this stuff noticed that their aches, pains and arthritic symptoms were going away. 60 Minutes did a story on the stuff a long time ago trying to get it approved by the FDA. I don’t know if it did. My friend gave me a bottle of it (looks like a roll on deodorant). Everyone says that you taste garlic when you apply it anywhere on your body. From my personal experience with it, it gave me a hell of a chemical burn and did nothing for my pain. Before I put this stuff on my skin that was used to remove rust I researched it as much as I could on the web. I didn’t find much on it. Personally I wouldn’t use it, it’s so cheap I wouldn’t say it’s a waste of money but other than a searing burning I got nothing out of it. Hope this helps.

DMSO is a substance that allows substances (usually roids) to pass through the skin. However, expect a rash. A better alternative to DMSO is something called PhloGel. I am no juice head so I am not POSITIVE about all this and I’m only going from memory.

Its not realy an oil, its more like a solvent, say like acetone

It is dimethylsulfoxide, which isn’t an oil
but instead is a fairly highly polar liquid.
It or its metabolite MSM has value with some
joint problems it seems and may have some
other benefits. It can also be useful in
transdermal delivery but only at the cost
of skin irritation and very bad breath.