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I’ve been reading a lot about DMSO lately and have been considering using it (not for steriods, just by itself) for joint pain (I have arthritis) and an occasional strained ligament. I am considering using a 70% solution, to start with. Have any of you used DMSO for this? results?

It works great for most people. I’ve used it myself for the same conditions you mention. One thing you might want to do is go with a 50% solution as I’ve found a 70% solution will burn a bit and be hard on the skin over time. I’ve used a 50% solution on my knees for up to a month straight without any adverse effects on the skin although I also apply some aloe vera lotion a few hours later.

You might want to try MSM as well. It is a by product of DMSO, and will help with joint pain and tissue regeneration (including muscle regeneration).

I read an article last week that said DMSO has certain side affects and may cause liver damage or something over time. You may want do some more research before using it for long periods of time.

Thanks all for the info, I’ll try the 50% instead. Big Chief, thank you for your input, and this is not an attack on you, but I believe that the “evidence” that it could hurt the kidneys was a study performed on rats; which gave them enourmous injections of DMSO. I think it would be questionable if humans could get that much DMSO in there system (trasdermally) if they bathed in the stuff. Thanks again.