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DMSO for Glutathione Administration

I realize that glutathione is not absorbed very well orally. I know a woman who has M.S. and has cystitis as a result of the M.S. Her doctor told her she needs to take glutathione in a an i.v. solution, but she doesn’t really want to have constant i.v.'s. I suggested dmso as a vehicle to transport the glutathione into her body. I thought perhaps applying it to the skin above the bladder for the cystitis.
Anyone have any experiences with this technique? I’ve read about glutatione being injected into the bladder, but she definitely won’t want to do that.

take some Acetylcysteine, i apologize for being lazy but if you do some research you should see that is the supplement of choice for raising glutathione levels and most easily used as its just a capsule.

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