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DMSO as transdermal carrier?

I’m not sure about the molecular weight of winstrol or stanolone, but I’m fairly sure that
their 800 or less like Trenbolone. So wouldn’t DMSO be an alternative for IP products, rather than the painful pricks?

There has been a lot of discussion on the forum (the search feature is good for finding it) on DMSO. I would not recommend it for reasons already cited.

Injection is more efficient and better
provided of course that safety issues are
taken care of. DMSO is a poor method no matter what: the only advantage is that you
won’t get an infection from it (but this should
not be an in issue with a properly done
injection anyhow.)

Also, mw by itself is hardly a good predictor
of ability to be delivered transdermally (a compound with a higher mw can easily have 100 times the flux of another one with lower mw,
even though mw itself, or more precisely, molecular volume, has an adverse effect on flux.) Writers (in bodybuilding, not in transdermal delivery, where the idea is known to be false) who have discussed the matter
as being largely mw dependent as the main
factor, simply did not know what they are talking about. Unfortunately this is all too often the case with bb’ing writing from various sources… :frowning:

BTW, stanolone is DHT, and I don’t know why you would want to take that. It is not an effective skeletal muscle anabolic (due to being converted in muscle to 5a-androstanediol – note, this is different from 4-androstenediol.)