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DMSO and ??

I have recently come across dmso and its great ability as a carrier. What type of prohormones/steriods/other, can be carried along with it? Tribulus/Dhea/yohimbe etc…ect need help?

Get the Merck IDEX and see if you can find the molecular weight of the substances you would like to carry transdermaly.If the molecular weight is over 600 it will have trouble passing threw the skin, under 600 you should have no problems. When mixing you only need about 10% of the oral amount but im not sure about doing this with Tribex. Seems like it would be a hell of an idea if we can find out the weight of Tribulus. Maybe someone can come up with a cocktail transdermaly of Tribex at T-mag.

Dan, I know that Duchaine said this, and others
may have repeated it, but it really isn’t accurate and certainly isn’t supported in the
scientific literature. The worst error in there
was that you need only 10% as much transdermally as orally. There are very many cases in which that would be untrue.

For example, if oral bioavailability is 80%
(70% gets into the system) then how on earth
is 10% of the dose applied transdermally going to get more into the system? It would get less.

I wish I could end the “transdermal mystique” that has become a fascination in a fringe group in bodybuilding (too small a fringe group to really help Androsol sales though.) Here’s how it really is: the GI tract is made to be able to ABSORB things and take them IN. The skin is made to keep things OUT.

With the exception of cases where there’s a bad problem with first pass metabolism, how is it rational to expect absorption through the skin (optimized to NOT absorb things) is going to be better than through the GI tract (optimized to
absorb things.) It’s not, and it’s usually wrong.

What percentage of pharmaceutical drugs are oral vs. transdermal?

There you have it.

And considering that transdermal delivery
is a major area of my research, I’d be the last
person to criticize it in this way, were it not for the fact that this simply is how it is.

I wasn’t sure if that still stood true. I just remember reading it ages ago in one of Duchaine’s articles.