DMSO Alternative to Injection?

I’ve read that testosterone dissolved in DMSO have a very great topical bioavailability. Is it possible to homebrew your own highly bioavailable testo gel by simply mixing DMSO with a standard ester-oil, like testo C?

Using DMSO is a really “old school” method for transdermal application. One of the side effects of DMSO is what we used to call Dragon Breath. LOL It makes your breath smell terrible. If I were you, I’d stick to a small gauge needle and inject in your delts.

Sure it’s possible, but you don’t want a topical test that’s attached to an ester. Those DMSO creams (and other creams/gels) are TNE

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Is bad breath a side effect of topical DMSO too? Which better alternatives is there to DMSO?

Is it possible for ester bound testosterone to enter topically?


Well, “back in the day” when steroid guru Bill Roberts contributed to this forum, he told us that we could dissolve fina plex pellets in 90% alcohol, filter the solids out, and spray it on our skin for a transdermal application. I have no idea if Test is soluble in alcohol but if it were, you could, theoretically, do that.

This whole thread sounds like OP is afraid of needles but still wants to run steroids.

And if you think needles are scary, wait until you hear what happens to your balls when taking steroids!

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I’d say yes, but again, you’d be waiting for the ester to cleave before the test would be active. Kinda defeats the purpose of using a daily topical.

I have injectable testo from UG brands, and I’m afraid of infection. What would the effects be of injectable testosterone, like testo cyp, when applied topical like testogel, without DMSO?

I imagine oily skin, directly where applied, and nowhere else; this is due to the ester sitting in Grape Seed Oil. I also imagine your TT/fT not budging at all with this protocol.

Considering topical absorption is okay at best (with actual topical creams), I also imagine that you are going to be lathering yourself up in oil like a Brittney Spears backup dancer in pursuit of a blast.

Again, I’d be much more concerned about what your supposed protocol would be doing to your natural T production, instead of the risk of infection. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t believe you’ve read up very much on how to do this the smart way - or what the risks are.


been pinning UG shit for 14 years… got a few infections in my life, hit a few nerves… only once had to go to a hospital with a serious issue…
i have gotten into a bit more car accidents than had infection issues tho, so if you are afraid of smth, you should probably give up car first, then be scared of something thats most likely wont happen.
An infection in 99% of the time means just a minor swelling, redness and a bit of discomfort for a few days, u know.

Rubbing it on you isn’t gonna work lol. Why are you worried about infection? Follow safe injection protocol and you should be fine.