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DMG - pop it or poop it?

Anyone using DMG pre workout?
On paper, sounds interesting for better oxygen uptake.
Too bad my 3 subject notebook is too heavy for me to lift…

do you have a problem getting oxygen into your body?

he doesn’t breathe.

What the hell? I saw this in one ad:

“Moreover, DMG is a natural substance found in the body and has never been shown to have any deleterious metabolic activity.”

So it’s supposed to increase VO2 and you’re telling me that it’s never been shown to DECREASE VO2?! WTF? Why put that statement in there? They could also mention that DMG “has never been shown to induce penile shrinkage in white balding men over the age of 57.” It’s true, but equally pointless.

BTW-All studies have turned up negative. I’ll stick to Oxywater and rectal creatine (thanks for the idea P-DOG!).

breathing deeply usually helps.

Oogie, I would recommend that you supplement with TMG (trimethylglycine) vs. DMG (dimethylglycine). The only structural/chemical difference between the two is that TMG has one more methyl group it can donate. Once the first methyl group is donated, TMG becomes DMG.

What’s the benefit to supplementing with TMG? Trimethylglycine lowers homocysteine levels. Additionally, trimethylglycine has been found to protect liver cells from toxins.

When a methyl group is added to homocysteine (a marker of cardiovascular risk), it is converted into the amino acid methionine which is then converted to SAMe. SAMe is a (very expensive) nutrient available over the counter, which has been used as a powerful antidepressant, among other things. SAMe has also been use as a liver-protective supplement and in the treatment of osteoarthritis (that’s the wear and tear type of arthritis).

People who eat high protein diets should get their homocysteine levels checked regularly. Homocysteine is a defect in protein/methionine metabolism.

So in other words, if you supplement with TMG, you get the benfits of two supplements (or more!) for the price of one.

What does DMG do? It plays a crucial role in the respiratory cycle of the cells, transporting oxygen and serving itself as a methyl donor. DMG acts as a building block for the synthesis of many important substances such as choline, SAMe, the amino acid methionine, several hormones, neurotransmitters, and DNA. The formation of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine requires a methyl group donated by SAMe.