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dman--bulking on the anabolic/metabolic diet

Dman, you mentioned you were trying DiPasqale’s diet. How did the bulking phase work for you? What macronutrient ratio did you use? What supplements? Brian


bump…the poliquin diet kids recommended doing a carb up every 5 days, not 7, for bulking. Still seems too small for me.

some of its ok, it gained weight initially ala the recomendations. 200-208 at 1-2 lbs a week. but it has recently become damn hard to gain weight. i have noticed the trend of good workout on monday, shitty on friday. started creatine a bit ago, also playin around with carbups on wed, and sunday… something like that. agreed that 5 days is too much for bulking. My muscles just seem flat by friday, flat and without water, they are naturally weaker. probably gonna hit up an old school program with 20 rep squats and all this winter break, and go with a more traditional bulking diet, as its easier to do and easier calorically to gain a lot of weight. one nice thing though is that on low carbs i don’t have after lunch lethargy and i do seem mentally clearer.

Thanks, Dman. I would think carbing up on Wednesday and Sunday would be a lot better. I’ve got more questions:
How many carbs do you have on weekdays? How much fat each day and when do you consume the majority of it? Are you using BCAAs and dextrose during training? Brian