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Dmaddox, PWI is a Drug, Log


I guess today is a good day to start my log.
Just so yall know I twisted my knee really bad two weeks ago, swollen needed 800 mg of Ibuprophen and Ice for 4 days, so leg work is out of the question till it gets better. Probably should have an MRI, but lets see if rest helps it first.

Warmup - 5 mins on eliptical and tweaked the knee and it did not feel good. Light weight bench.

Bench - 5x5 215,220,225,230,235
DB Incline Bench - 3x8 65's,70's, 75's
DB Flies - 3x8 30's,30's, 35's
EZ Curls - 5x5 90 lbs
Reverse Curls - 3x8 80 lbs
DB Decline Flies - 3x8 25's,30's, 30's




I will be watching :slightly_smiling:


Tuesday - Back

Not able to dead lift because of my knee. I was thinking of doing them until I hyper extended my knee walking into the gym. Two week since twisting knee and it is still a bit swollen and loose.

Warmup - 500m Row

Chest Supported T-Bar Pulls 3x8 45,50,55 with 3 second pause at top

Lat Pulldowns Behind Neck- 3x8 90lbs with 3 second pause at bottom

Seated Rows - 3x8 130lbs with 3 second hold at full contraction

Face Pulls low pulley - 3x10 80lbs

Back is one of my weakest body parts and have had back injuries since I was 17, so I take it easy and work on form.


Solid work in here.

I hope the knee heals soon. As a desk jockey, my experience is that dead lifting has greatly reduced my back pain and tendency towards back injury. The injuries seem to be less frequent and when I do tweak something it seems like I recover faster when I am actively deadlifting as part of my routine.


I will say I recover faster 3-5 days than 7-10 when I am dead lifting. I tried some body weight squats today with perfect form and the knee held up. It did not feel like it was going to give out. I might try some leg stuff on Thursday.


BW squats are great to get some blood in the area to promote healing. You'll be right as rain in no time.


Wednesday - Rest

Had an interview with the founder of my company. Looks like a promotion is in my future with less time at work (25-30 hours) and about the same amount of money. Gives me more time in the gym and also more time for my real estate business.


I was walking today and all of a sudden my knee twisted, and felt like bone on bone then the knee locked up. I bent my knee and it released and went back to normal.


I gotta know - what's PWI? The acronym brings up a bunch of different meanings in the search engines. Not sure how you're using it.

Other than the knee anomaly, how's it doing otherwise? Stable? My left knee does some funny crap once in a while and needs to pop and it's all good, if not a bit wonky-feeling.


Im IN.

nice work- lets see how this knee heals up.




Sorry I did not post yesterday. Out of the office all day.

Thursday workout - Thought I would kick the tires and test the knee out. Went to the Doctor and he gave me a Medrol Dose Pack (Steroid for the inflamation of the knee), and started that after the work out.

500M Row - Warmup

Squats - 5x10 - bar, 95, 115, 135, 155. Knee felt good. A bit loose, but no buckling.

RDLS - 3x8 - 95, 105, 115

Leg Extensions - 3x10 - 100

Seated Calf Raises - 3x10 - 90

This is about 50% of what I normally do. Just wanted to check it out.

Knee swelled up that night because I taught a class and on my feet for 2 hours.


Fridays Work out - The Steroids are doing their job. I woke up and the swelling from yesterday's work out was gone.

500m Row - Warmup

Seated BN Presses - 5x5 - 100,110,120,130,140

Shoulder Triad - Front, Rear, Reverse Raises 3x8 25lb dbs in each hand no rest between the 3 excercises

Close Grip Bench - 3x12 140,150,160

Nose Crunchers - 3x8 70lb ez curl bar

HS Ego Machine (shrugs) - 3x8 - 200lbs with 3 sec holds

Decline Flies - 3x8 60lbs I am trying to increase my Pec size so I am hitting those pretty frequently, at least twice a week.


PWI is a forum that many people do not want to enter. It stands for Politics and World Issues. We get the extremes of both sides of every argument all the way from Politics, Religion, and other topics. Many people do not like going in there, but it is like a drug for me. Keeps my mind strong, it makes me look at a topic from other points of view, as long as those other points of view are logical.


on a side note. I had a younger lifter come up to me and say, "I hear the rage in your voice when you are lifting. It makes we work that much harder." I grunt a lot when I lift. I have never had anyone approach me in this gym for and entire year, and this one guy comes up. It was great and made me feel good.


Monday Workout:

Warmup - 500m Row

Bench - 5x5 215,220,225,230,235
1x12 135 tempo 1-3-1

DB Incline - 3x8 65's, 70's, 75's

DB Flies - 3x8 30's

EZ Bar Curl - 5x5 90

EZ Bar Reverse Curls - 3x8 80

Body was a bit tired today, but I felt every muscle that I was working. Tried to do some decline flies, but my pecs were done.


Tuesday Workout:

I decided to test out the knee and back today.

Warmup - 500m Row - I really enjoy this as a warm up. Full body is ready to go in 2-3 mins.

Dead Lifts - 5x5 205, 225, 245, 265, 285 - last set only got up 3. My back was saying some pretty obscene things to me and my grip was failing. I hate dead lifts because of the issues with my back. Rubbed the bar against my knees and started bleeding. I will chalk that up to battle wounds.

Chest Supported T-bar Rows - 3x8 45,50,55 - 3 second squeezes at top. These are hard to breath, but I can feel the muscles working.

Lat Pull Downs - 3x8 100 - when you weight 315 lbs pull ups for reps are not going to happen.

Face Pulls - 3x10 80

Knee did great, back not so much. I might have to give up Dead Lifts. RDLs I am alright with, but regular dead lifts not so much.


Nice to see you logging here.


Thanks. I will try to keep it up.