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Dmaddox and Me


Well, it was the first time I have ever met a Tnationioner in person and I can say I am better for it.
I had to honor of meeting D and his lovely wife on Saturday. You will not meet nicer, honest more genuine people than this. Trust me, if you have problem with dmaddox, the problem is you. I am grateful and humbled for having met them.

I hope, next time they happen around I can treat them to one of pat's juicy steaks and pump them full of whiskey. Then we can do squats until we puke it up. :slightly_smiling:

BTW, I am not a midget, D is a monster. That is a giant man right there....

I didn't really know where to post this, but I just wanted to share my experience with others.



cool :slight_smile:


You shoulda met Iron Dwarf instead lol


Remind me to stand on a box when we meet in real life D.


Yeah, you can't see the ladder I am standing on.... :slight_smile:


You're 5'9" Not that tall is it?


Pat, I had a blast meeting you this weekend. This was the first time I have ever met any one on T-Nation. I look forward to meeting more of you guys.

I might take you up on that steak and the whiskey. Will be back in town August 16th and 17th.




That car on Pat's right or just to the left of Pat was the rental I had all weekend. 2013 Dodge Charger R/T. That was a Pimp car, and fun to drive. I am actually thinking of buying one.


Hands on hip though?

So not alpha. Come on. Lol

I know figuring out what to do with your arms and hands during pics is hard...but waving them around is better than on the hip


Put my hand up on yo hip
When i dip you dip we dip

You put yo hand up on my hip
When you dip i dip we dipi


He is like 8 feet tall.

He could do jazzhands and would still look down on you.

That is probably alpha enough.

If he shaved his head and got some tribal tattoos he would stand on a balcony and whip the adoring masses into a frenzy in no time.

Good Lord, what if he grows a mustache!?!


Hands on hip cancels out everything.


Did you eat at Waffle House?


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


I would love to meet some high profile T-Nation member but I fear the trend of boycotting florida may continue.....


Lol I caught that too


I need to meet with Derek/DJHT. We have been talking for 2-3yrs and we live in the same damn state.


Everyone should come up to Edmonton and talk to me while I'm bored at work!

It would make for a GREAT vacation......