DMach's Training Log

Hey everyone, I recently decided to get in shape so I wanted to make a log to motivate me.
I am sick of being small and weak, so its time to change that. Six months from now my lifts are going to be doubled and I will have gained atleast 30 pounds.
I just turned twenty and I am 6"4 at 190 lbs.
I will be eating roughly 4500 calories a day.

I am doing a push/pull/arms n assorted bullshit/push/pull monday to friday workout.
Thanks for reading!

Monday: Push
Squat 175x3x5
Overhead Press 85x5x3
Bench Press 135x5x3

Tuesday: Pull
Deadlift 225x3x5
Pullup 2x5 (Plus 6 jump and slowly lower myself half pullups per set_
Bent Over BB Row 115x5x3

First two days of training, my entire body hurts and I can barely move. Feels good!