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DMAA: Dangerous?



These products are not a problem when taken at the recommended dosage. Just like ephedrine, idiots insist on taking 300x the recommendation and then wonder why they had a problem! It's the rest of us that then get the hassle.


10 bucks says they were severely dehydrated, running in the south western summer heat, and popping DMAA like skittles.


Yes! That won't be the 'official' report though.


<----Just ordered 135 servings of Geraniamo


Most 1.3 DMAA products Ive seen come with a warning label that specifcally talks about not using the product in high temperatures or during physically exhaustive activity. Whether lifting weights for an hour is a physically exhuastive activity is open for debate. But I assume all would agree that certain kinds of military training, in full gear is physically exhaustive.

Use it in reasonable doses and it's fine; this is a fact. 25mg-75mg is reasonable IMO. 200mg+ and it gets dangerous/toxic.

ANYTHING can be harmful if abused. But I would agree with those that claim that 1.3DMAA has a lower threshold for abuse than other commonly sold supplements.


It screws up my prostate,so I don't use it. Other people use it with no problems. I def don't think it should be banned.


i only use 20mg of dmaa by itself if i workout at 5-6am and im fine but if i use jack3d then i get energy for 30 mins then a huge crash and nauseous and the whole shabang and cant feel my wee wee too. i agree with people overdosing it its sorta like caffeine you need to know the mg's if its in a proprietary blend


i would like to hear the experiences of someone that has taken over 150 mg of dmaa lol


I hear Jack3d just breaks your dick like no other lol. At least two of my friends who are preworkout stim fiends have run into some ED from the shit.

I have yet to try straight DMAA though. Might give it a shot at some point.


Never had limp dick but it has given me a feeling of general anxiety and trouble sleeping.


250mg led to 1 hour of euphoria followed by 30 hours of bed rest/pain. Not me.


Here we go government is going to step in and regulate all over the place. Our government is shit, ephedra was one of the best weightloss drugs I have ever used and because some dumbfucks died from abusing it the government got to tell us that we couldn't have it. Fuck that shit! They need to stay out of our fucking lives, I do not need them protecting me from myself plain and simple.


You can buy ephedrine in most pharmacies over the counter. Sold in the form of asthma medication.

Bronkaid or Vasopro. Maybe some other names too. They;ll check your ID to see if youre making meth.


Yeah that's why I take a group of friends and canvas a geographic area of pharmacies. Works pretty well for an extended cut or a batch of meth, whatever I happen to be feeling at the time.


The whole point of working out is so you can rob the 115lb tweakers of their meth stash via physical force. noob


If I rob all the 115lb tweakers who will come to my 48 hour meth parties?


Bronkaid is no longer made, I believe.

Primatene is still widely sold, and is better IMO. Ephedrine HCL hits harder than sulfate for me


It was me, and it sucked. The only time in my life I've considered taking myself to the ER.



Bronkaid is alive and well.

Primatene is also more expensive. Personally, i've never felt a difference between the two.

DMAA is good stuff. It feels "cleaner" than any of the other stimulants out there and i've tried quite a few of them. It doesn't seem to tax the nervous system as much as the ephedrine/caffeine combo..... imo.