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DMAA Banned by FDA


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has ordered fitness supplement companies to immediately stop selling popular bodybuilding and weight-loss products containing DMAA, because of the substanceâ??s potentially fatal side effects.

The agency has determined DMAA which is sold as 1,3-dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine, or geranium extract is a synthetic substance that could cause heart attacks by elevating blood pressure in users. There have been 42 public complaints about products containing DMAA, indicating it might be linked to other serious health effects including nervous system and psychiatric disorders as well as death, the agency said Friday in a news release.

Products containing DMAA were pulled from military exchange store shelves in December. The substance has fallen under increasing scrutiny since Stars and Stripes reported that DMAA was found during toxicology tests of two soldiers who suffered heart attacks and died during physical training at a base in the Southwest U.S.


but let's keep fucking selling statins, jesus tap dancing christ 42 complaints huh


The bad thing is "42 public complaints" means 42 people called into a hotline and complained. That is about as reliable as the medical advice you get from the homeless person on the corner.


well i just stocked up


That's how most law/policy is developed these days.


Many people do........things like that must be weighed when making decisions. Everything has a down side, everything!


If you are dying slowly there is mucho money to be made. If you die suddenly potential revenue is lost.





We don't really have a healthcare system, its more so a sickcare system.


Source? The FDA site says they sent out warning letters, but didn't ban the substance


hmmm, I have a bottle of hemo-rage black and it has the 1,3-dimethylamylamine in it. I wonder if they are going to re formulate it?


This shit gives me stim dick anyway


Honestly I think DMAA is unsafe.. I duno about banning it though bit over the top considering they don't ban smoking ect. Though I personally would not use it, and don't feel like I need to use it.


Stim dick?


Boner don't work!


Hahahaha, sounds like a personal problem.

Quit blaming the supps facko, it's your diet.... just kidding man, I had to say it.


What a load of crap! since when do we ban things that are "unsafe". Just use it in moderation and cycle off every 3 weeks and you'll be fine.


I just started seriously using N.O.Xplode a couple of weeks ago. I love the buzz and unnatural "happy" feeling I get from it before a workout. I see that it contains DMAA. Oh well.

[i]"1,3-Dimethylamylamine (also called DMAA, 1,3-Dimethylpentylamine or methylhexaneamine) is a potent CNS (central nervous system) stimulant. It's commonly advertised as being derived from geranium oil, but Natural Products Insider reports that such is not the case; DMAA is not naturally derived from geranium oil.

It was originally patented by Eli Lilly as a nasal decongestant in 1944, but largely abandoned until re-introduced as a dietary supplement (Geranamine?) by Proviant Technologies, the parent company of Ergopharm.

Today, you can find DMAA in many over the counter sports and weight loss supplements.

On the sports supplements front, you'll find it in USP Labs' Jack3d, Isatori's PWR, Nutrex's "regular" HemoRage and the concentrated version as well. In these "pre-workout" formulas, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine is added to provide a boost of energy and concentration that enables users to press through the most grueling of workouts.

Weight loss products that feature 1,3-Dimethylamylamine in their formulations include Ripped Freak, OxyElite Pro, Spirodex, RoxyLean, Phenphedrine, Rx6, Velocity XT and ErgoLean's Amp 2. Claims include increased energy and fat burning, an elevated metabolism, and so on."[/i]


Personally I just bought 3 bottles of D-Stunner because it is the best pre-workout I have ever used. I love DMAA, damn government!

40 some complaints are the biggest joke I have ever seen, how many people die from Tylenol and that's still on the shelves.

2 people have died from DMAA in the military but come on. Does taking a powerful stimulant and then throwing on a uniform, heavy backpack and then running for many miles in the heat sound like a good idea?? Taking a red bull before that is a bad idea.


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