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DL's: Bent- or Stiff-Legged?

Hey all you deadlifting pros out there:
If I’m not interested in full-body stimulation but instead want only posterior chain (low back, glute, ham) stimulation, is there any reason for me to include conventional deads in my workouts or can I get an equal amount of p.c. stimulation by doing only stiff-legged deads? I ask because a) I’m much more comfortable doing stiff-legged deads than conventional ones and b) I find stiff-legged deads much easier to recover from systemically speaking. However, maximum p.c. stimulation is of course the bottom line, so if there’s something about conventional deads that makes them more effective on the p.c. than stiff-legged deads (be it the greater loads involved, the neurological difficulty of the movement, or whatever) I’ll keep doing them with a pained smile on my face.